LOTRO: Epically Problematic

My Loremaster ran out of quests in Malenhad.  The only thing she had from Angmar was “The Lost Fellowship” which took her to Foroschel.  Somehow, I had neglected the eipc questline with this character.

Not realizing I could go to Rivendell and pick up the quest line, I spent some time yesterday in Foroschel.  It is a snowy area that I have always disliked, and which never felt part of the game world’s storyline.  Such misery!

After researching the epic books to see if there was any way I could still pick up the quest line, voila!  I’ve ported to Rivendell and the Great Man Himself gives me a pass back to Angmar.

What a relief!

There is a 25% xp bonus this weekend, so I found myself looking at my Hunter again.  I thought she had one last quest in Lothlorien that I couldnt find the last piece for, but her quest log was full of things to do in this other area which I truly dislike for the YELLOW.  I know it is supposed to be a “golden wood” but that cat #$%^ yellow is so oppresive.  I’m just going to try to keep my head down, don’t look around the environment too much, and earn my way out of there.

I took a look at and tried to relieve the inventory full problems of my other characters.  I used every reputation item I was holding (why I hadn’t used them on acquire I have no clue).  There were many crafting items which were obsolete.  Yay for my characters who now have more than three open slots apiece.  Part of the problem is I moved these from Meneldor and killed off two characters so everyone was holding their items as well.

My Champion was invited to a guild while she was digging around.  I would like to find a guild, so I accepted.  We’ll see how that goes.

Back on track with my current main, the Loremaster, that makes me feel better.