This Isn’t Just Me Being Stupid…

So, this sounded fun, and it was in an unintended way.

So I sent a Hobbit running all the way from the start of the Shire to Bree.  She just made it in the nick of time.

There’s all these people, and you can’t see who the lecturer might be, or hear anything.   Little by little people say it’s on Twitch or you can hear the lecture on Discord.

So doh, I ignored that because I’m standing right there.  Why can’t I just hear or see it right there, right?

But no, as people are standing around saying where is it, where is it, someone says you have to be on a different Layer.  A what?  I don’t think there were layers when I was playing regularly.

Luckily a guy invited me to a fellowship who was on the correct layer.  How did he get there? Who knows!

So there’s a big crowd, but you still can’t see any lecture, but every once in awhile the front rows of people pass out.  Not joking.

Other people are also asking why they don’t see or hear any lecture.  All there is is a bird that keeps hopping up and down in the air.  

It turns out the lecturer is laying on the ground under the bird.  I’m dying here.

Apparently in order to get the voice portion of the lecture you need to view on Twitch or join a Discord Channel.  I don’t know about layers and haven’t watched anything on Twitch and don’t have any Discord thing going.  So I watched the bird jump up and down on the guy for a bit, and the crowd passing out periodically, then I slunk out.

I guess I can try again on another server when the lecture comes there.  When I stop laughing.