What Happened And What’s Going On

Homage to The Walking Dead!  It’s been that sort of a week.
(2/16/15 Note I’ve added links to MassivelyOP and Blizzard Watch sites and fund raising sites below.)

Department of Good News

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is holding at 10 million subscribers.  They need to get that Patch 6.1 out and also really quickly get some content patches out.  Draenor has plenty of opportunities for new quests  Garrison Improvements at the very least.

The Raceway from Darkmoon Faire in beta is coming in 6.1!  It is so much fun and reminds me somehow of Mario Racing or Wacky Wheels if you remember that game. Or Speed Racer!

MassivelyOP     http://massivelyop.net/

Their Kickstarter reached its goal in under 48 hours, which is just incredible and well deserved.  There are still 21 days and much more they can do with additional support.  I’ve been following the writers and MassivelyOP on Twitter and they are all so nice, smart and dedicated to continuing to bring MMO news to everyone.  Ever better things coming from these folks.

BlizzardWatch  http://blizzardwatch.com/

The Wow Insider staff also hit the ground running and has a fully funded site via Patreon, which I haven’t heard of before.  With Patreon you just pledge a monthly contribution, it looks like it can be whatever you wish.  If you think of it as a subscription for one of your favorite game sites, it is well worthwhile and as affordable as can be.  They seem to be working hard to restore much of the content they lost to layoffs, such as their Class columns.  I’m wishing them the best.


The Adventure Gamers Store

The Adventure Gamers Review site will be opening an online store later this month which will allow them to offer Adventure focused games.  They were reaching out to publishers large and small of these titles to get started.   http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/28073

Department of Bad News

Daybreak Studios Breaks Down Immediately

Much sooner than I expected, a large wave of layoffs went through the new “indie” company.  Many beloved people are now looking for new roles in the industry.  I hope they’ll all find new places quickly.