2018: Let the Games Begin

I’m oozing into the New Year, but, I’m ready to kick things into gear.

Listening to last week’s MassivelyOp Podcast, I was inspired to look at my 2017 and think ahead to a better year in games.   I love that they had everyone on!  I wish they’d do it more often.  Once a month, even.

Looking back at 2017 I developed a nice game rotation.  There was even a month or so where I wrote a short synopsis of the play session after I played.  I liked doing that, but I’m usually playing pretty late at night and writing up a session at 1 am isn’t ideal.

I liked the idea enough that I put the same rotation along the top of my 2018 calendar for January.  Now I think, I need to narrow a regular rotation down to the MMOs I love best.

World of Warcraft
Elderscrolls Online
Lord of the Rings Online
Everquest 2

While not giving up on Secret World Legends or Guild Wars 2, I’ll just keep the games updated and saunter in now and then rather than trying to make any real progress.

In separate posts, I’ll try to make some goals for each game.

Overall game goals for 2018:

Play a greater variety of games.  Games remain in my Steam queue and on my iPad that I could make some progress on.

Pick a character in each MMO to be my main.  Get them to max level.   My Alt-itis will never go away (hugs to my Alts!), but in order to really know a game, making your way all the way through the world really helps you connect the dots.  See what the heart of the beast is for good or ill.

Since it is an overall goal for me in the real world as well, I’m going to try to be more social.  Ack! Imagine!   We’re talking reading and contributing in more forums, we’re talking voice chat and the ever finky Discord.  I hate my voice, and I should be able to master push to talk so you don’t hear me swearing.  Oops.

I’d like to be more well informed about games like I used to be.   I reactivated a gaming Twitter account.  I need to remove some old, bratty posts.  Need to read the latest posts for the games I’m interested in.  Read more of the game sites I used to pour over.

Blogs!  Read more (up to the letter “G” stealing blogs from Biobreak), comment more.   I love reading blogs, even for games I don’t play.

Play more Board Games and Card Games 

Noble goals, are they not?

Happy Gaming 2018!