PlayNotes: Secret World Legends

I wanted to get to level 10 tonight but only made level 9 1/2.   I’m killing most things as I go by them for the xp, but it’s slow going. 

Combat Crisis

I hate to say it, but combat is way too easy.  It’s almost silly easy.  I fought every “elitish” thing I came across and just no challenge.

Suzie Q
Not the Feigr Lord, nope it’s not him
The Fire Station!  The Firemen were really hard for me last time I played, they were just nasty.  Now they roll over and play dead, and are dead.
Testing, Testing, How are those Mines working?  Well, against big wave after big wave of zombies like this group, all my level, with puny effects from the mines I placed, I should have been dead.

What is happening here for me is that the world is no longer scary because nothing needs to be approached with caution.  You can just steamroll everything.

The Quests

I am being led from quest spot to quest spot.  The “mileage” type indicators were always there, but you still had to be reading the quest, looking at your map, then figuring out where to go next.   All the Secrets have been taken out of the Secret World.  There’s no mystery.  No puzzles to solve, no thinking involved.  I feel like I’m being dragged around.

Even the fact that sending the mission report gives you a reward you snap open, but doesn’t make you feel like you’re an agent in the field, just is adding to a deterioration of the scary atmosphere the game has had.  I’m not reading the accompanying text.  I just look to see if I can upgrade my weapons with what I got, and keep flying.

Bring Back the Peeps

I really really hate that there aren’t any people flying by.  The world is too empty.  Even if you aren’t chatting with people, it’s a shared experience when others are in the same game world with you.  You’re sort of all in this together, even when you’re not.  It kind of validates that this is a fun place to be.   (edit: note below the next night people were spotted!)

6/29/17 Thursday

Sneaking in again tonight since the game has been on my mind today.  A much better night, still easy combat but I got a puzzle (which I’ve solved in the past) with the quest Dirty Laundry which was written really clearly, I suspect it was more cryptic the first time around.   It’s just nice to get them.

The Dawning of Endless Night sequence is getting a bit more interesting now that Dr. Bannerman is talking to me.

I saw five real live people!!!   Thrilling!  I hugged this person.  She didn’t notice.   Lonely, I’ve beeeen sooo lonely,  wah wah wah wah….

At level 10 1/2     I can now go in the “Polaris Dungeon Story Mode.”   I think I’ll try it tomorrow night after studying up a bit.  I’ve never done a dungeon in this game.

I’m like the blabbering confession queen, so I’ll note I’m going to slide in here extra, trying not to get left behind everyone else who’s blogging about it and racing along.  Levels certainly aren’t quick, and I do every quest they let me pick up.  See you in the funny papers!