Mobile Game Reviews

I read game reviews when I’m not sure I’ll like a game, I especially appreciate reviews of games for my iPod since there are so many to choose from on the App Store.  There are several sites I look at:

Pocket Gamer is a site in based in the UK.  They review all mobile platforms and they are right up to date on new releases.

Pocket Gamer

Slide to Play is all app store all the time.  Fun stuff though  A bit of an attitude.

Slide to Play

Touch Arcade

Touch Arcade

All mobile platforms all the time.  Thoughtfully written reviews.

Though I can’t find it again at the moment, I read an article on Gamasutra from a mobile game developer who said that he was finding it impossible to get his game reviewed and he was running into nothing but sites that wanted him to pay like $300 or so to get reviewed.  Really an eye opening article and I’ll post it if I find it.  It made me think that I should make sure I write up any new mobile game purchases I get and give my opinion.  That’s what I’m looking for when I read reviews, what was it like to play?

Here is the article  Mobile Game Review Sites Are A Waste of Time