Throwback Thursday: Apogee, the Height of Gaming Excitement!

Very early on in our computer game lives, we had Download Day which I believe was on Thursdays each week.  You could download demos of many games and play the first few levels.  I notice the games on the App Store that are “free” are exactly that, old school demos to hook you in.

We tried so many games, but the ones we loved and bought the full versions of were all from Apogee Software.

Favorites were the first couple of Duke Nukem games, Hocus Pocus, Rise of the Triad, Blake Stone, Crystal Caves, Secret Agent, Thor, Wacky Wheels, Wolfenstein, Monster Bash!

My husband and son created levels for Wolfenstein and had a laff riot filling rooms with insane numbers of bad guys.  What could be behind that wall?

They have re-released Rise of the Triad and the Blake Stone Games:

I’d love to play Monster Bash and Hocus Pocus again.   My husband and son were much better at Monster Bash than I was, but I could hold my own in Hocus Pocus. Except for the sliding tile puzzles…