NaBloPoMo Day 15

Yay, yay! Only 15 more days of utter bombast and foolishness!  I’ve made it halfway with nary a day of not posting some smidgen.  I made a list of possible topics at the beginning of the month and those are working out well.

I have my Guild Wars 2 character to level 10 and am ready to sail into Neverwinter but can’t log in.  I think I saw something earlier today about maintenance.  It is up next in any case.

My husband asked me if I liked Rift or Guild Wars 2 better so far, and I like both equally, I think.  Very different worlds and gameplay.  Fun and challenging.  Guild Wars 2 actually has puzzles so I am pretty charmed by that.

I have the title for my final post of the month all set.  Here’s the clue, and thanks for stopping by this month.

corellia map