Everquest 2 The Wizard in the Deep Dark “City of Hate”

Thanks to The Stylish Corpse, and her EQ2 post, I thought I’d work on a single one of my EQ2 characters just to keep moving forward.

 I chose my Pirate-y looking Mouse Wizard who just is so cute and who plays well (perhaps closest to the Mage/Caster type character class I’m used to).

She finally emerged from Darklight Woods and is now making her way around Neriak The City of Hate.  No lie.  The place is the darkest environment I’ve seen outside of a horror game.  She has a home with a tent, a table and a painting on the wall.  Snuggly as anything compared to what’s outside of her door.

I tried to work through the crafting quest and make a candelabra.  I had loads of Tin in a Harvester bag in my house vault, but I couldn’t get the dang Tin out of the bag for love or money.  Did I feel extra stoopid or what?  As I’m writing this I wonder if I have to pull the whole bag out of the vault and then grab the Tin.  Yowza. 

I shall try again.  I’d like to get this bit done and any other quests within the city.  I really don’t enjoy playing “evil” characters so the whole ambience of Neriak is weighing heavily on me.  I think if I feel she is stuck there somehow (not possible, right?) I’ll have to abandon her and play the Cat type character who is out in that nice sunshine drenched area and who vibrates goodness.