A New Chapter

I have been game blogging since 2008 and periodically wipe out my blog.  I’m leaving The Last Chapter up and may just revert to posting guild news on it.

I honestly prefer the blogger platform and hope to make a new home here that I can do more with than the WordPress platform allows.  This will be more like my old blog, with more useful features on the sidebars, a nice blogroll with thumbnails.  Cartoons!  Video clips! Games, yay!

By way of introduction, here’s what I’m playing these days:

World of Warcraft

Everquest 2


Guild Wars 2


Lord of the Rings Online

I’ve been neglecting the last three recently, being busy leveling a second guild to 25 in WOW, prepping everyone for Guild Dungeon Night, leveling as many characters to 90 as I can before the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

Here is my namesake level 90 Feral Druid.   On the guild roster she goes by Fearless Leader.