Another Moldy Old Post

I apparently copied much of my old game blog into my old pc’s My Docs.   It took me quite a few tries to like World of Warcraft.  I play every day now but early on….


Amongst the Slavering Hordes

So…I got the World of Warcraft for my son of sons and I so we can play together now and then and keep in touch while he’s out in the wide world.

WOW indeed. Five installations disks and a bunch of downloads later, I create a white haired supposed elf (she’s not my idea of an elf–too chunky looking). I liked the opening movies but I’m surprised that the world in the game looks nothing like the movies. I suppose I shouldn’t be, I’ve seen cutscenes aplenty but hmmm. Everything is all pink and purple. Pink is my favorite color of course but it just seems kind of wrong and a bit overwhelming to have the whole world including trees and the ground drenched in these shades. I couldn’t quit looking at it.

Also, back to the elf, the elf in the opening movie just looked very proportionally different than the character in the game world. Tsk.

So anyway I killed a few boars and some type of cat and got some useless looking junk. I put on the clothing items. Not any improvement looks wise with the clothes. I must be in the Goodwill store of the elf world.

There is a truly annoying female voice that softly lets me know I’m messing up. “you’re too far away…you’re too close…you’re not proficient enough to use that…your spell needs to recharge” . Maybe this voice won’t follow me all through the game, because if it does, I’m playing with the sound off.


Guild Wars 2 Onward

I spent a little more time last night trying out Guild Wars 2.  You will be pleased to know my character was given the foofy multi-colored dress of her dreams by a nearby npc.  No more embarrassing leaf cover.  Note also I have a flame coming out of a spot in my forehead.  How handy is that?

gw new outfit

I explored the area a bit and came across an npc who helpfully brought up a map of the area which showed in a small video clip that let me know how to find other npcs with tasks for me.  Too funny I passed that npc a bit later and some other guy was clearly watching the little clip because right by the guys head was a little icon of a film reel.  Don’t disturb!

area map in tutorial

While I was meandering up popped a notice of a NEW EVENT NEARBY!  These appear to be like the public quests in Warhammer Online.  The first event I tried out was one where you killed monstrous fireflies and brought their essence over to an npc.  As you gave them to her, you could see a progress bar for the event and also see how much you had contributed to the event.  Well, sometimes competitive doggie that I am,  I ran and killed the fireflies as quickly as I could and trotted right back over to the npc with them, thus raising my contributions to the event and earning a GOLD Contributor status for the event.  Pity the poor fools who were saving up their essences to turn in all at once.  I bet they either got shut out or were PUNY contributors!  Hehe.

gw gold contributor

I like these public quest events.  It is nice to work somewhat cooperatively (but not as cooperatively as in a dungeon setting) with other people.  You get help, a little competition, and you can all hit on the same mob and everyone gets credit.  It makes the world a little more lively.

I also got a message that I had an Achievement.  Open your Hero Panel!  I like that name better than character sheet.  Makes me poof out my character chest a bit.   Thanks to World of Warcraft I have become something of an achievements fiend.  The rewards for getting the achievement will have to be worthwhile to me.  I want either some cool title or a pet, a mount, something!  We shall see.  I need to look more closely at this panel but I like that it is there.  One thing these achievement sets can do for you is help you make sure you have explored, quested, and done everything you can do in an area before moving on.

gw hero panel cropped

Happy Adventuring!

Guild Wars 2: a Beginning

Long download to get the game up and running.  Tons of options in character creation.  I chose an Elementalist with Fire as my specialty.


new char 2


I may not have made the best selections in my character traits, but I just wanted to try it out and chose what I liked.

The intro is in a very interesting art style, like Japanese cut paper.  You’re in a dream sequence with lots of helpful tooltips to help you move along.  As you move out of the dream sequence things are still in a watercolor wash.  Perhaps other starting areas are sharper.

In the forest


That’s my girl on the left.  Rather tree-like and ropy with not the best wardrobe.  Note at character creation she is wearing a foofy colorful dress.  I guess she has to grow into something more charming.  Hair turned out odd.  May have to stick a helmet on her at the first opportunity.