Screenshot Saturday: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

All good MMO stories begin with Star Wars Galaxies.

When I made my first ever MMO character in Star Wars Galaxies (A Scout on Starsider) I had no idea if my character was still standing around in the world when I logged out.   I didn’t want her standing in the rain, so I found a public building I liked and parked my character there in a chair whenever I logged out.

I had no idea you could actually have and decorate your own house.  And you could snooze in a bed, though you could never lay down on it.

World of Warcraft has a million places you can snooze, but even in your garrison, they wouldn’t let you have your own bed.   I’ve always made my characters comfortable somehow.

I never managed to find an actual bed for my Everquest 2 characters, so they all went to sleep on the floor in a little spot of moonlight.

Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous, and if they had housing it would be stunning.  You just have to make yourself at home where you can.

In Elder Scrolls Online I finally got the little room at an inn.  It’s like the Closet Under The Stairs with no bed in it.  It could use a little something.   She’s all snuggly though. 

Before this, she was sleeping among the flowers.  She’d had a terrible day.  So, zzzzzzz.

Fallout 4 really made their homes attractive, then they nuked them.  Before the nukes….

So…Wildstar.  I pre-ordered specifically to get the Red Rocket House.  Right.  Then I got the level 50 boost.  Right.   For this post, I wanted to gloriously find my plot of land,  and finally place that house on it.   Not easily, I actually got to my very own plot.

Way cool, isn’t it?  All this, mine to build on.   But.  No Red Rocket.  Nowhere in any tab.   The account wide tab said it was only available with the pre-order achievement.  Ya, why don’t I have that?  Click click click.

Apparently I gave it to another character?  Agh.  I hope they can share a plot.  If I can find who I gave it to, and get them to the capital city, maybe finally finally I can have a home here.