The Hero of Kvatch…Maybe

As happens I got tired of merely going into the forts and caves surrounding the Imperial City.  I had to back out of a cave with a couple of Conjurors who just flattened me.  😦 

I have always played with Claymore in hand and heavy armor and have used little magic.  Now that I’m depending on magic I really need some strategies for dealing particular kinds of enemies.  Conjurors.  Imps.  Bandits respond nicely to Flare and Shock.

I decided I should go ahead and start the main quest after all and also join the Mages and Fighters guilds. 

This brought me to Kvatch and the Oblivion Gate.  Lootmeister that I am, I’m stopping and gathering every bit of Blood Grass and Harrada Root I come by.  I’m going in any doorways I find such as the Sump of Misery and its extension the Desolate Well.  I love those Fleshy Pods.  My gold level is going up nicely.

Entering the Tower Portal to the Blood Feast (don’t you love these names) I thought I was getting a room with two Imps who succumb nicely to Cold Touch, but to my shock a Dremora Churl came running out of a doorway on the right and I was fighting two Imps and the Churl.  I fought rather long and desperately but died.  😦

Re-entering I went left to try to get rid of the Imp there first.  I got him down quickly but the Churl was suddenly right there.  In a better fight I killed him and restored enough health and magicka to get Imp two.

I’m getting solid non-freezing play sessions now using compatibility settings for Windows Service Pack 3.

For some reason, though I went in and changed the settings, I can’t take screenshots anymore.  I’m not willing to tempt fate by going in and changing the config again.

Picture me dead beneath the feet of a Dremora for now.

The UESP Wiki Map of the Kvatch Oblivion Gate World.  Printed for myself too so I can get all the loot 🙂