October’s Game Goals

Nothing like super modest goals to create the illusion of success! 

In World of Warcraft I meant to keep moving my characters through Kul Tiras.   I have done that, but not as quickly as I might.

It is not that I’ve lost interest in the game, but that I have just a small section of Stormsong Valley to do with each character then, tra la, back to Tiragarde Sound.   I have not been able to put my finger on why I hate Stormsong Valley so much.  It is the most beautiful are by far.   I keep stopping to take pictures of flowers and pretty scenes.

Somehow the quests are annoying.   Whatever story they’re telling, it isn’t interesting to me.   I am not compelled to go on to the next bit to see how the story plays out.

For sure the voices of Brother Pike and Lord Stormsong are a big part of the problem.   I know they go away soon enough, but argh, it can’t be soon enough.    I should play with the sound off whenever they’re involved.  Maybe that would help.

Elder Scrolls Online

Simple goals: get all the characters (8 of them) to level 15 and get my All Crafts Crafter to a place where she can make furniture. 

I have a 20, a couple of 18s, a 17, a 13 and the rest are under level 10.   Doing well on that part of the goal.

Level 5 Warden

Though I have tons of materials I’d need to craft Furniture, do the writs most days, and have a boatload of recipes, blueprints and diagrams, I haven’t the skills to make a single thing.


IntPiPoMo Screenshot Count: 4

October Gaming Goals

I’m down to two games right now, this should be easy.

World of Warcraft

Continue playing through the world of Kul Tiras is the general plan.   I’ve Friendly status in Tiragarde and Drustvar with my seven characters and onward to Stormsong Valley.   Once I’m Friendly there as well, it’s back to Tiragarde to find every quest and treasure and node in the place, following with the other two.  I’m really enjoying the game.

My method of doing quest segments of each area with all the characters, then moving on has been a good thing.   I’m happier with shorter quest sections that move everyone forward faster, but in some areas it makes sense to do longer sequences.  The last one I did was from Fletcher’s Hollow to Gol Var to get the Order of Embers, and the Friendly rep for Drustvar.   The Fletcher’s Hollow segment seemed like a long slog, particularly if I added in a dungeon.   Stormsong should be more easily broken up.

My apparent slow progress doesn’t worry me at all.  All I’m doing is reading about everyone’s rush to 120, then they’re bored, and they don’t want to log in, and blah blah.  It happens every time, but still, maybe think of a way to enjoy the content more.   It is also very early on, and given how much was added in during over the course of Legion, I don’t see any reason to despair.

Elder Scrolls Online

I went from logging in every day to get that 100,000 gold reward at month’s end, to filling all eight character slots and playing daily and having a great time.  I’ve come and gone in the game a few times, but it just didn’t hold my attention.  Ha!  Now I have characters of all races but Orc (those tusks…), and they’re all over the map.  All those little apartments you get for free, you can use them to hop all over the map, saving Wayshrine money nicely.

My first goal for this month is to get all characters to level 15.

The other goal will be to have my crafting character be able to make furniture.

My September Goals

Well wasn’t I so ambitious?  La la, I hardly accomplished any of these.   Good thing I’m going all slug-doggie in my October goals.

World of Warcraft
Continue leveling my higher levels through Kul Tiras on Black Water Raiders.

Dabble elsewhere.  

Yes!  I got this one.

Everquest 2
Level all the characters to 20.

Figure out which crafts suit each character.

Get to know the city of Qeynos so I can find things.

At some point I left my little EQ2 characters behind for now.

Secret World Legends

Try the Tunnels and the security cameras again.  Last year (!) I couldnt get past them, though I’d done it on my earlier character.  Then I can move forward.
Nope, I still live in fear of tunnel failure.  My husband, who started playing Secret World Legends and sailed right by me, did, I think, offer to try this for me.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Get out there and try at least one mission.
 Have not ventured out.

The Witcher

Conquer my dislike of the controls and move forward in the plot.
Nope, that handsome, scarred Witcher dude hasn’t moved an inch.

Finish Dear Esther and Broken Age.  I’m guessing both are pretty doable length wise.
There’s doable, and there’s not done.


Send my Cleric to her proper level area and she how she does.  
She’s waiting her turn as well.