The Morrowind Saga

So, you may recall I’ve been whiny forever because I could only get Morrowind to run on my POS for gaming laptop.  Grind-o-rama city on that thing.  Pixelated death!

Enter my spouse, The PC Guy.  He is a Network person and doesn’t care to be identified as a PC Guy, but I tell you the guy can do anything.  He doesn’t see his own glory and might. Honestly.

An older pc has been rattling around his PC area, he thinks it was my son’s before he moved up to a gaming pc.

OMG it has loads of space and Windows XP, that gaming friendly operating system.  It works like a charm!  I’ve suffered for nothing.  I got a couple of cheapo speakers (and the guy at the store spoke to me very slowly about how to plug it into the back of the pc….zzzzzz).  Come on. I used to do all that stuff no problems.  However ever since my spouse has become a PC God, why should I fill the empty spaces of my head with that crud?  I did set it up, but you know, if I had trouble I could squeal for help and Prince PC Charming would rescue me.  (He reads this and I now have a free pass to ask him tech questions for awhile, yay me.)

I decided to go all warrior and made a Redguard and I’m ready to float endlessly through Tamriel.