A Few Game Updates

Today’s log in to World of Warcraft brought these revelations:

You can only do the craft quests in Darkmoon Faire once per month. Boo hiss. Once per day would have scooted me along nicely in crafts such as leatherworking and enchanting I struggle with.

I can’t figure out how to send mail to all my guildies.  Should be simple, maybe it is but no.

After a long patch day wherein they had servers down for much longer than stated they came up and I was working so quien sabe?  This morning though they are doing rolling restarts of all realms.  Tsk.  Try to get it right beaners.

My level 90 character got a quest pop up to see about the Thunder King!  Whoooo hooo!  Back to Pandaria she goes.



Guild Wars 2    After dicing about this one I slunk out and grabbed a copy off the local store shelf.  I guess thinking about having it made me uberously desire to have it.  Report some time this week on wut I think.



Tomb Raider   I regret to say I am a low fish and would have this too except the spot for the PC version was empty.  Don’t tell my husband.

timb raider new


Lord of the Rings Online is downloaded and installed after several hours.  At least no monies were exchanged in its acquisition (though I bought three copies when it was initially released so I’m golden there).

lotro pic


Comments:    I certainly welcome comments but don’t get many.  Too much to ponder in my writing, no doubt.  However, just mentioning SWTOR yesterday brought me SPAM targeted at SWTOR-ites.  Moving on up…

Patch Day Blues

I like to play World of Warcraft as I drink my morning coffee.  Accomplishing mini-goals helps me wake up and puts my mind in a nicely organized place.    Today the beaners took the servers down for Patch 5.2 even though they’ve been downloading patch content in the “background” for a month.  What to do to wake up?

I could play Oblivion or Morrowind.  Both good choices.  I haven’t played either for awhile so I would need extra brain power to remember where I was and how to work the controls etc.  Zzzzzz.

The new Tomb Raider game is out today.  I could download digitally and voila join the new Lara Croft in her adventures.  Two things stop me.  I’m feeling cheap this morning and don’t want to pay $60.00.  Since I first saw the new Lara, all beaten and scratched and seeming very much the victim, I have been of two minds about having this one.  It is getting good reviews from the people who like Drake’s Uncharted.  This is a Playstation only game which has taken over the adventurers mantle from Lara who should be more like Nathan Drake.  Well no.  She should be Lara Croft.  I have been a huge fan of Lara in all her incarnations.  How can I abandon her now?

New laraMy heroine?

So then I thought how about Guild Wars 2.  More good reviews.  The original was intriguing.  Another 60 bucks though…nah.   I have the original Guild Wars, maybe instead of digging for my box I could just download from the web.  Not seeing it on their site.  On the plus side, I’m into my second cup of coffee and am starting to wake up.

guild wars 2

How about Lord of the Rings Online?  I played for several years and enjoyed it but abandoned at the free to play stage.  It kindly let me download from the site, but the time involved is 5 hours of download.  Zzzzz.  Hobbiton takes shape as we speak.

Lord of the Rings Online

I rejected Star Wars the Old Republic because I disliked the game at launch and have all those old resentments about their taking out Galaxies to make room for this sterile mess.

star wars the old republic splash

I’m awake and I can do other things while LOTRO slowly downloads…Happy Patch Day!