Tuesday Night Shorts

 Lord of the Rings Online, Burglar

Did you say short?   I thought my Lord of the Rings Online Burglar was done with her Skirmish Tutorial but there was another section.

I wasn’t rewarded with anything that has value to me at this time, so I sent her back to the Lonelands and will try out the next skirmish camp I come to.

World of Warcraft,  Discipline Priest

I’m falling behind a bit in World of Warcraft, but the only thing I’d like to be doing that I’m not yet is trying Warfronts.   Instead, it’s a perfectly piggy time in Drustvar’s Fallhaven for my little Priest.

She seems to be able to take on anything, slowly wearing them down while taking no damage.  Since the fight with Betsy the Pig was long, but not life threatening, I practiced my camera angles  in fight scenes so my character’s very mobile face could be seen.

Out of the pig fight, into the hangman’s noose.

Elder Scrolls Online

You’ll be pleased to know my Warden is no longer sporting the Scary Helm.