Tiny Screen Adventures: Monument Valley Stuck

I tried level five from the start and am stuck in the same spot.
You can’t pass the Crows by, they just yammer in your face when they’re nearby.
If you step on a purple square, the lever which turns to create stair ways and openings becomes inactive.
I was sailing along on these puzzles till this one.  Time to search the net for a solution.
Note:  I found the solution.  I did not see the possibility of it. I was able to use the same trick in the next bit of the puzzle as well so they won’t fool me again.  In this particular way.

Tiny Screen Adventures: Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an elegant little puzzle game for IOS.  You guide The Silent Princess through a world of bridges and towers and rotating platforms.

Sometimes she’s upside down or sideways but she can always make her way along with a twist here or there.
There is a storyline but I’m only up to chapter five so I can’t guess what our mysterious Princess is making her way towards.
Music in the game perfectly fits the gameplay.

Note:  I’m stuck on level 5 😦     The crows have me blocked and I am not seeing how to bypass them.  I will give it some more effort before I cheat and see if anyone has tips.