So Many Great Post Ideas: Five Questions and Answers

I’ve got six open day slots on my Blaugust calendar schedule.  I’m going to turn to some of the post ideas put forth by others to fill those slots.   Five for each day should do it.

Tales of the Aggronaut

  • Write about the first time a game made you cry.  This could in theory be substituted for any sort of media… a book, a movie, a play…  just write about the first time you found yourself completely caught up in the story and those walls fell.

Perhaps there was one somewhere earlier, but the touching story I always think about is the one in Pandaria where a woman wants to save her husband before doing anything else is done.  That is not how it plays out, and he dies nobly.  Her grief is so enormous, she is overcome by Sha emotions.   Her story makes me sad each time.

  • Write about your first online gaming experience and why it was positive or negative in shaping your opinions of online interactions going forward.

So way back, I decided to try Star Wars Galaxies as my first online game.  I had read that in this game, you could go completely non-combat, which was hugely appealing.   And it was Star Wars, the IP nearest and dearest to my imagination.

I had no idea what was going on, couldn’t tell people from NPCs, couldn’t figure out why some NPCs attacked me, and why something so icky as a Dalyrake would exist to attack you when you were just peeking out into the wider world.

Everything I see in online games is compared internally to Galaxies.  Honestly, when it shut down I thought it was impossible that another company would not set out immediately to re-create the world sans the Star Wars IP because it was a living breathing world, and unparalleled.

Someday I will write up “Everything I Need to Know About Online Games I Learned From Star Wars Galaxies.”

Moonshine Mansion

What gets you hyped about an upcoming game?    

I haven’t seen anything new coming for quite awhile that I wanted to play.   I would like to see one with a science fictional/futuristic setting.   Give me tons of places to explore.  Create ships I can actually fly!   The joystick is not my friend.  I’ll need a crafting economy where you can create useful items at any crafting level.   Leave PvP out altogether.   I think I’d prefer an all new world, rather than one based on someone else’s world and rules.

What is your gaming environment? A messy desk? A comfy sofa? What would your perfect gaming setup be?

My gaming room is also my crafting room, so there’s a boatload of stuff in here.  I do like being surrounded by fun stuff though, so what I have may just be perfect.

Endgame Viable

What do you use Twitter for? Is it a conversation platform? Is it a notification platform? Is it safe? How do you use retweets and favorites?

I know I’m persona non grata for not joining the Twitter list, but I use it little, and actually, more for television and movie news than games.   I’ll log in more now that prime television season is returning soon.  I love following the “writer’s rooms” for shows I love.

I don’t think Twitter is a good conversation platform, Facebook really is better for conversations.  I think news source aside, Twitter is more of a self-promotional thing.  I’ve nothing to promote, so oops!