World of Warcraft Patch 5.3

Escalation patch

You probably thought now that Children’s Week is over I wouldn’t be doing anymore PVP because I’m PUNY and a WEENIE.   That isn’t the way I work.  I know I can get good at this, so my method is to start a new character, toss them in and learn the battlegrounds, learn techniques, and what can help scoot my little beaner along.   Yippee kay ay, boneheads.

That said, this patch is all about the escalation of the war between the Horde and the Alliance!  Yo ho.  Because there is general interest in a couple of new games that will be PVP oriented (Camelot Unchained and Elder Scrolls Online) I think Blizzard decided to ratchet things up a bit.  It is also possible their new game thought to be revealed at Blizzcon this year will be a big PVP fest because first person shooters are so popular.   Whatever.

I’ll have to look at the patch notes in depth to see how they affect my little PVP punching bag.

There are only two things I haven’t tried in the game yet, Raids and Scenarios.  I think scenarios will be easy enough.  I’m reluctant to start Raids just because the time sink of them is so tremendous for what reward?  Have a level 71 Paladin I thought would be a good character to toss into a Raid.  She’s just cooling her heels waiting her chance.  I’ll stick someone else in a scenario and see what I think since apparently scenarios are the flavor favorite of Blizzard developers at this time.

I shall report back when I have gone in.  Glug glug.