A Trandoshan, A Wookiee And A Rodian Walk Into A Cantina: "Neverending Content"

Tobold has an interesting post on “neverending content” based on a quote from former World of Warcraft developer Ghostcrawler:

 “Neverending content leads to making things so difficult you can’t progress or asking you to run the same content 100 times.”.

First, I have to say “neverending content” is exactly what Galaxies provides.  Resources, skills, creatures, the entire world dynamically changes all of the time.  There are only a few scripted events in the game that will present the same challenges every time you go through them.  Jabbas Palace, The Corellian Corvette, The Warren.  These are the kinds of places most like other games where the variance of the experience depends on your character, class, weapons, and armor.


As I’ve said in the past, I wish, and do not understand technically why it isn’t possible for dungeons to be scalable according to group members and their skill sets.  It should look at your weapons, armor, level, class and provide loot that will be useful to and mobs that will challenge the party members. 

I’m also very tired of people running through dungeons they’ve been through a million times, “bored of this”.  In addition to the other dynamically generated features of a dungeon, I want to see the maps change and be randomly generated.   You will never know exactly where to go, what to do, what loot you may get. How hard can it be to make that work?

I’m not a programmer or anything at all but a player, but if the game can check your level and armor item level before sending you into a dungeon, it can sure check for the other things.

The randomly generated maps, mobs, loot…seems like just another set of variables to include to me.

Poof! Somebody should make it so.