PlayNotes Issue 2: Rift

I decided to send my Mage to an area appropriate to her level (50).  This turned out to be Storm Legion expansion territory, with a choice of going to the continents of Brevane or Dusken.  I know nothing about these, being way behind on the games actual content.  I had trouble finding recommendations from others, the best I saw being that Brevane is “life themed” and Dusken is “death themed”.

Always choose life, I say.

Landing in Cape Jule, there’s a big landing of sorts with all kinds of vendors, but only a single quest and zero players.  There’s only one way off the landing, down some stairs.  My quest is to disarm some traps.  Each deactivated trap releases a level 50 guardian to fight.

I’m thinking that since each fight is taking me to 1/2 health, I’m fine as long as I only have one mob to fight.  Then an automatic type quest pops to kill Daemon Loci, just because I killed one.   They’re easier than the the guardians were, all good.

I’m in a big room with multiple stairways up and down.

I decide to go down because I can see a Daemon on the steps there.  As you can see I have quite a few skills on my bar.  I was using mostly the bottom row, but injudiciously it turns out, I hit one on the second row that transported me a few yards away from the stair top to another spot in the room.  Whoa, whoa, somehow the guy I was fighting was joined by another guy I hadn’t even seen.   Though they’re both suddenly right in front of me, I have no line of sight to fight them, but they are able to whack on me.  Oops.

Ran back up the original stair way and only one followed.  Since he was miraculously in my line of sight now, I finished him off.

Still in combat with his unseen pal, I started back down the stairs and poof there he was.   My efforts weren’t so successful, and at a quarter health I ran back up the stairs, hoping a guard would take him out or I’d reach that magical spot where mobs are out of their natural range and they stop chasing you.

This sort of worked.   He stopped chasing me, but didn’t go away.  He lurked on a bridge over the steps.

My health went up, I went and killed him with ease.

A short but exciting introduction to a new area of the game.

Notes to self:

Get more potent health potions

Work on improved armor

Doh look at the tooltips for my skills so I don’t transport or do anything else potentially deadly to myself by mistake.