Rift: Now I’m Happy

When Rift first came out, my PC at the time couldn’t handle it. Everything was an ugly mass of green.  By the time they went free to play, I had a much better PC and I thought to start to play it and really enjoy the game this time.

I was limited to the two characters per server, even though I had the original box and the code, you name it, everything but the same email address.  They would not acknowledge my game, and the email they wanted had been hacked and shut down by me.

Although I’ve played over time, I always want to be able to do all the crafts and try all of the classes.  All on one server.  It would get to me every time after playing for a bit.  It reached a point where I was willing to buy the character slots outright, but somehow that option didn’t seem to be available.

Until recently, just before going on vacation a package was offered that would give my dreamy 6 slots.  I went for it without thinking twice.  Ahhhhh, at last.

Tonight I made a Warrior to go with my long time Mage and Cleric. 

She’s picked up Mining, Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.  The other two have Foraging and Butchering which are recommended to go with AS and WS and they have a boatload of materials to hand over.  Happiness is being able to make use of all of your stuff!

She’s level 9 and working on the fishing quests.  I love fishing in Rift.  There are a huge variety of fish species, which are useful in Survival (Cooking).  You can also fish up treasures for your house. 

I’m torn between letting her just kick back and enjoy crafting and fishing her way along through the world and sending her on a wild run of Instant Adventures.

Maybe, since I have three more slots!!!!   I will create a new character to just do the Instant Adventures and Dungeons.

By the way, I got a ton of other things with the package I bought.  A new dimension with inside and outside areas that is great.  It appears my other two existing characters got the whole package of things too.

Dimensional, crafting and adventure bliss coming in the days ahead.  🙂

Rift: Burlap Robe

I finally got enough skill and burlap to make a Burlap Robe.  I had to check my character sheet to see if I’d lost my pants someplace but noooo, the
“leggings” are it.  I knew you were dying to see how the burlap clothing looked.

Rift Burlap Robe Front

Dyed with handy Cyan Dye of course.  If you’re looking for Coastal Glory (the plant needed for Cyan Dye and healing potions) there is some in the landscape, but you can much more reliably get it from the Boglings in the Sunken Marsh.  Plant/Foraging is available from the Boglings after they’ve been looted, you forage plants from their tiny green bodies.   The treants in Treant Woods also can be harvested for plants, including Coastal Glory though the Boglings are more reliable.

The wolves and Vespids all around that area have decent enough drops of Rotten Canines which you also need for the dye.  Both also have hide, odd for an insect.

I’ve guiltily noticed that you can harvest from Boglings and wolves and Vespids killed by others.  Just mouse over them to see if a resource is available.  Treasure city.

Still drifting in Rift

I meant to go back to Guild Wars 2 and get in a few levels, I really did.  Then I picked up my Outfitter and Butchering skills in an effort to get rid of the Brown Rag of Doom.   I killed dozens of npcs and creatures to get enough burlap and hide to make 5 pair of burlap boots for the Outfitting Trainer’s quest.

I am so ashamed to say I wanted to keep a pair for myself REALLY BAD because they looked sort of nice.   But no I just squeaked in enough materials for the quest.  Now I have a few more recipes but need a boatload and a half more burlap.  I have hide enough but agh, my kingdom for burlap!

Burlap dreamin’

burlap dress

What, This Old Thing?

rift clothing

Note that my character has sailed from level 1-16 in a pretty short time.  I’ve gotten new bits of armor as quest rewards, especially in the Instant Adventures–all sorts of fun stuff drops there.  Look if you will, at the dumpy brown rag of a gown my character is still wearing.  Gawd I’m tired of schlumping through the forests in this thing.  Don’t get me started on the lumbering gait of my character.  I think it is the most stiff movement I’ve seen since Warhammer Online.

This girl is cute. She should have something elegant, flowing.  Or some bad @$$ leather. Something else.

I have been driven to pick up a set of crafts in order to get into (apparently) some snazzy burlap.  The lowest level “Outfitter” clothing is made from that miracle cloth burlap.   On the plus side I also will be able to make bags because suddenly bag space is an issue.  Instant Adventures are a Loot Paradise, and I need more room.

Doing a bit of research today I found there is a trainer for outfitting in Argent Glade where I’m hanging out.  I picked up Butchering yesterday which would be Skinning elsewhere but Butchering sounds so much more brutal, doesn’t it?  Yarg, yarg, I slay the beastie and RIP , REND, TEAR the hide from his wee bones.

A couple of crafting guides to get started in case you’re also hanging around the world in a nasty brown gown:

My favorite of the bunch so far  Rift Craft.

rift craft

Zam’s nicely done Rift Craft Guide:

rift zam

There you go. DOWN WITH BROWN!