Rift Monday

Monday is Rift Day on my loosely imagined gaming schedule.   I spent some time with my Warrior and Ranger, mostly questing around the Argent Glade area.

I’m gathering resources like a fiend with both.  How I love gathering professions.  There are little treasures everywhere when you work on them. 

I’m always keeping a sharp eye out for Artifacts as well, those shiny little points of light that when put together will someday reward me with something, I know not what.  I just enjoy looking for them.

My higher level characters are currently just feeding these two potions and Silken Bags and other things I’ve gathered over time.   I’ll get twitchy at some point and send those two into Instant Adventures.

Speaking of, I took both my level 10s into Instant Adventures last Week.  It used to be you’d get shuttled around the Silverwood area and the Defiant low level area (I can’t think of its name) but nooo.  My poor things were sent to adventure in level 50 areas that my high 40s level characters have never seen.

Criminy, there they are, absolute newbies to their classes, with just a few spells/skills to cast trying to keep up with the big guys.  I needed to rest up from the IA’s for a bit after that.

Rift new armor piece (or is it a codpiece?) of the week:

Rift: Now I’m Happy

When Rift first came out, my PC at the time couldn’t handle it. Everything was an ugly mass of green.  By the time they went free to play, I had a much better PC and I thought to start to play it and really enjoy the game this time.

I was limited to the two characters per server, even though I had the original box and the code, you name it, everything but the same email address.  They would not acknowledge my game, and the email they wanted had been hacked and shut down by me.

Although I’ve played over time, I always want to be able to do all the crafts and try all of the classes.  All on one server.  It would get to me every time after playing for a bit.  It reached a point where I was willing to buy the character slots outright, but somehow that option didn’t seem to be available.

Until recently, just before going on vacation a package was offered that would give my dreamy 6 slots.  I went for it without thinking twice.  Ahhhhh, at last.

Tonight I made a Warrior to go with my long time Mage and Cleric. 

She’s picked up Mining, Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.  The other two have Foraging and Butchering which are recommended to go with AS and WS and they have a boatload of materials to hand over.  Happiness is being able to make use of all of your stuff!

She’s level 9 and working on the fishing quests.  I love fishing in Rift.  There are a huge variety of fish species, which are useful in Survival (Cooking).  You can also fish up treasures for your house. 

I’m torn between letting her just kick back and enjoy crafting and fishing her way along through the world and sending her on a wild run of Instant Adventures.

Maybe, since I have three more slots!!!!   I will create a new character to just do the Instant Adventures and Dungeons.

By the way, I got a ton of other things with the package I bought.  A new dimension with inside and outside areas that is great.  It appears my other two existing characters got the whole package of things too.

Dimensional, crafting and adventure bliss coming in the days ahead.  🙂