No Character Left Behind

Similar to the last post, I have decided that everybody gets to go to Draenor so I’m leveling all my long time characters to 90.

It is going well, and some characters such as my Warrior are actually more fun than I realized.

My slinky “Shadow Priests” I’ve decided are like weak Warlocks with all those debuffs so my girls are moving on up.

Alas my poor Rogues…I sent a level 50 Assassin Rogue into Stratholme and had the oddest group.  Really super nice people but I thought since we kept dying and dying again, they were not such good players.  Maybe they’re leveling alts they stinketh at as I am.   At the end, the last boss drops a MOUNT who knew he had one?    While I’m all agog there was a mount here, some goof who didn’t play well at all is running the ever dreaded damage count.   Let’s guess who did the least?   Hmmm?  And, the bozo just had to mention that they did more DPS than the rogue.    Once again the cone of shame descends.

So this morning I’m looking ONCE MORE at rotations for Rogues.  All these sites like Noxxic and Icy Veins tell you how to play your freaking level 90 character.   JMJ, don’t you know how to play the character by 90?   Maybe you could help those struggling to get there by hook or by crook.    Also, every other thread gives completely contradictory advice as to which skills to use when.   Thanks for that.

Finally I find a guide or two on Wow Insider (who just sacked many of their staff, boo.)

I’m pretty sure the Rogue guy is one of the ones no longer with them, goofs…  How nice is this, including his comment to turn off the Recount meter, thank you very much.


rogue rotation