GamePeeps: WoW Insider’s Sarah Pine

I’ve always found the people behind the games to be as interesting as the games themselves.  I had the brilliant idea of running a semi-regular feature called GamePeeps (too clever, I know!).

For my first GamePeep  I’ll just feature Sarah Pine, World of Warcraft player and blogger for WoW Insider.

I think they asked her some really good questions that show very well how she plays and what she likes in the game of her choosing:

What is your favorite expansion?  What is your main character?  What is the number one thing Blizzard has done well, what could they do better?

If I ever do interviews, I may lift some of these questions.  Fair warning!

I like the way she sounds as a player and I’d be happy to share a PUG with her any day.  There can be no higher praise.