Podcasts To Listen To While You’re Adventuring

I’ve been doing some dreaded repetitive things in games lately, so I’ve been looking to see if I like listening to Podcasts.

Hoping for some game casts, and some science fiction podcasts, maybe a few mystery themed ones, I have found many more than I would have guessed existed.

It surprises me to find that I am not enjoying podcasts which feature a single game or theme so much.  I’m not sure what it is, but they seem to be fixed on minutiae of lore, or in the case of one, they spent a segment talking about the current deals in the in-game store.   Since I never look at any in-game store, I have zero interest in hearing the contents of the store read out.

Not to be cranky, but in many cases the opening music played before the show begins is jarring and annoying.  When this is followed by several minutes of the cast yucking it up rather than talking about any topic at all, agh.  Next!

Here is an entertaining starter list.  I’ve subscribed to a large number of podcasts via iTunes,  and only briefly went through the list, and am still looking for more.  Enjoy!



Jon Shute and Tim talk about a wide variety of games.  Very entertaining.  I thought Jon was really humorous.  The episode I listened to talked about tanking a heroic dungeon in Rift, having never been in that dungeon at all. Things went awry.


Full of what?  A Podcast about all things Star Wars.   They talked about the exciting new trailer.


 Talking about speculative fiction.  The episode I listened to featured the amazing Ellen Datlow.


I’m a huge fan of Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead.  He’s such a huge fan himself,  and he sees the same things the personage on the street sees.  He gets to talk to producers and cast!

The Nerdist Podcast covers movies, tv and all things nerdy.   I chose the podcast with Jack Black, who I’d like to see more of in films.  Funny funny guy who does adventure well.


 Not a podcast, but a motherlode of old science fiction, mystery and horror radio shows.  I listened to an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “And the moon be still as bright”  from a show called Dimension X.


Wired Magazine’s podcast on a wide variety of topics.  I loved the book The Martian by Andy Weir when it came out.  Fuzzy as I am in math and science, “hard science fiction” has always been my favorite sub genre.   This week I saw the film version of The Martian, just spectacular and moving.  I listened to the interview with Andy Weir on the podcast.


Justin Olivetti and Bree Royce talk about a variety of MMO games and news bits.  They are the first podcast I listened to, and made me want to find more.  It helps that I love the columns they write, but they have a fine repartee.  They give their own opinions of games they love and hate.  Bree is my heroine for managing to mention Star Wars Galaxies in each podcast.   I’m listening to each new episode as it comes out.


I’ve been reading Wow Insider for ever, and now that they’re Blizzard Watch, they’ve been just great and have restored many features.  It is fun to hear their regular columnists talk about World of Warcraft, and they seem to know every inch of the world and it’s lore.  Not a fan of the other Blizzard games, just give me my Wow.


From Healing the Masses and ME VS Myself and I,  they talk about various MMOs.  Both writers like to theorize a bit, so it’s fun to hear what they have to say.