Screenshot Saturday September 5, 2020

Just because I have some screenshots I like this month, here’s August in Wow in pictures.  A few non-spoilery Shadowlands pictures at the bottom.


Atherne and Jaina side by side in a Tides Of Vengeance quest.


Tides: Be the Water Elemental!


Tides: In the Treasury, with the Monster

Tides: Atherne Indiana Jones:


Atherne snacks in Boralus and ponders her next move.  I’m going to miss Boralus.


One of the most annoying sequences in the game: Flynn Lovesick and Lost as he stumbles drunkenly in circles.  It feels endless!  I finally figured out once I had the quest for the flies etc done here, I could fly low over his head while he stumbled around and I wouldn’t have to fight the creatures over and over.


I love my Panda Monk!  Cutest pirate in the game.


More Monk, traveling in the Tidesage watercraft:

I’m going to miss be rowed from here to there.


I was so happy getting the Pride of Kul Tiras questline completed.  It’s 25 quests long.   (Whine)  I thought I could make my Kul Tiran right after this.


Wow and it’s use of disguises!   My favorites are the wooden trees.   Nothing odd here, folks.



Into the Shadowlands we go.


Transmog does not seem to be working in the beta.  This is such an ugly outfit and I can’t make it go away.



I like the whole concept of the In Between.  Very science fictional.



Modeled after Captain Obvious?



Your flight is ready for departure.



I can’t tell you how much I love these guys.  I want a Halloween costume just like these.



Your friendly neighborhood grocer!

Screenshot Saturday

World of Warcraft

Oops meant to put this in the last post, but Frostfire Ridge! It has these little snowmounds that are either filled with yellow snowballs or a nice piece of armor.  Now that is how you give treasure, not just a bazillion garrision or war resources.  Where’s the joy in that?


My Classic Paladin poofed into a gnome.


I missed getting a ride, but this is a pretty great addition to Winter Veil.

My Merry Mount!

Still recovering from Mechagon.  Stormsong and the rest of Kul Tiras just look like a watercolor painting.

Our family guild in The Nexus.  The highest we’ve made it doing dungeons as a group is Wrath Dungeons.  Maybe we’ll go all the way this time!   We had an unusual group makeup, we somehow didn’t notice right off, two Death Knights and three Priests.  We made it through after a few deaths.


Bioshock Infinite

Hoping to get back into my newer games this next week.   Bioshock Infinite, pretty, but very wierd.

Knock, knock!

Welcome to the lighthouse!

The last guy through here messed up.

Follow the map

Do not enter this room, do not sit in the chair!



Let’s explore.


The Dazzling City in the air.



The Call of Cthulu

So you start off in a cell, and make your way around through utter darkness to find a way out.

You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even see your bloody hands.

Not quite all a dream, I think, but it turns out you’re a detective, albeit a drunken somewhat useless one.


So it begins.  I didn’t get too far, just looked all around the office once he wasn’t in the dank prison anymore.


Nancy Drew and the Silent Spy

I’m really enjoying this game though I had to back up to a previous save because I’d missed a few things.  It is hard to spend most of my time in games flying in and killing things as quickly as possible, then moving to games where caution, thought, observation and logic are required.   Interestingly, playing this has made me want to get back into Secret World Legends.


Here’s a deli outside of Nancy’s hotel.   You will want to remember the foods offered here, and the prices.


Need money?  Yes you actually do!   Also at the deli, you can make cookies which are mini-puzzles to get money any time you need more.

Still hungry?  This menu is loaded with food and more clues.  Right out of the Secret World, right?


There’s a fun target practice game with targets of varying sizes and speeds going by.

You can be on the leader board with the big girls if you’re good.


I’m not copying my actual drawing here, but I was proud I managed to draw a picture of the fireplace stones from an in game book, then look at my drawing and actually press the right stones in the right order.

Screenshot Saturday November 23, 2019

Sneaking in a few more screenshots tonight.


Alan Wake

The man has troubles.  When last we saw him, he was a mere 200 yards from Stuckeys, according to the sign.  There is of course no quick way to it, so he goes on a ramble through the woods.  I thought I heard him mutter something about an axe murderer in the woods, but nah, right?

He makes it to a junkyard (I think it’s a junkyard), climbs up a log through a fence, and…

The axe man sure is a weird fool, kind of madly cackling before leaping away.

Alan finds two manuscript pages on the ground!  This is the story he was planning to write next!


I spent a fair amount of time trying to find my way out of the mini-maze of the lot or junkyard or whatever I was in. There was NO FLASHLIGHT! Just a thermos of coffee.

So, of course, who pops up, and I have no flashlight, no weapon, it’s just me and my pal The Axeman.  Did not go well. Will have an opportunity to slow down and look for a flashlight next time.

(Note: My son tells me I have a flashlight, I just need to right click to use it.  He also thinks I have a gun, which I can use by left clicking.  It was all in the Tutorial, he says!  Which I had him do for me because of the Axeman.   I’ll try the flashlight next time, but I’m certain nothing happens when left clicking because I tried that in case I could just punch him.  Unless.  You can only shoot at something pinioned by your flashlight.  Yikes.)


Mass Effect

I was doing really well here this session, no deaths for my squad.  Boom.  Disarming bombs, not difficult, but I ran out of time and didn’t get them all.   22 seconds on the clock with one more to find and BOOM.  Unfortunately, my most recent save is the one with only 22 seconds left, and I have to start the area all over.  I will full save more frequently, agh.


Kind of a bad night.  In the lair of the dragon, I fell several times to the dragon and his kwama pals.  Don’t know how I’m going to beat this guy.


Ten screenshots this post for IntPiPoMo

Total  45



Screenshot Saturday

Just me and my ally, chumming around mindlessly through Nazjatar.


The Tank is from Moonguard.


Relaxing for a moment in Mechagon


Minnow fishing with clever tech!  I’m liking the Mechagon Fishing quests.


And also a fishing quest, you have to fish for odd things in odd locations.



This little Hunter is going the be The One who gets the Nesinwary quests achievement.

Screenshot Saturday

This week it’s all dungeons, sartorial problems, and old acquaintances.

This is the only armor I recall Atherne getting that I liked. It’s usually mangy looking. Somehow this green barnacled piece looks pretty.

I’ll have to take her Stormwind.

The nutlike quest items were everywhere.

Ath in Mechagon. Crushed by the first boss type guy. Backed out and back to Nazjatar. Should be ready to go back tomorrow.

Sometimes you can have your horse inside a building.

Fishy! And maddening.

ESO On The Road to Elsweyr

Thought I might just wait a couple of minutes to get help, but alas, there was none.

The Prettiest Cat

A bad, but charming cat.

Oddly Dragons aren’t as fun to me as some of the other events where everyone runs to get a hit in so you get the joint reward.

What a surprise for this guy to show up. He’s slimy but charming, and follows through on his word.

Screenshot Saturday Games This Week

I’ve been working on my screenshots, trying for some combat shots, and taking character pictures with them facing the camera, instead of always just seeing the back of them.

World of Warcraft

Ummm…they made my Rogue look scared all the time so she could look like this in a fight.

My Mage and her snake buddies.

I personally love the Azerite interface, it’s like playing a little mini-game.

I love this guy, now that’s a man of the sea.

Darkmoon Fair is so messed up.  I’m going to pass it by until they fix it.  My Jeweler got the Jewelry, Cooking and Fishing quests, but did not get the 5 point skill up, nor did she get the quest xp.   Most of my characters see no quests here (the high levels) at all, except for the boatload of Darkmoon quests you get in a dungeon.  No xp for those either.

No Angels of Death for the Horde.  The guy mocks your death.

My Death Knight in Ratchet on her way to her first Legion Class Quest.

Horde Taxi Service is cool, though

My Paladin in Boralus

A Vulpera.  I want one badly.

My Mage takes a selfie in Freehold.


Mery tries to get to level 14 so she can drop the Red Rocket house, but eek, game shut down is announced.

Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve been logging in every day hoping to get the 100k at months end for a house.  While leaving Vivec, I notice a paper flapping in the wind offering an apartment in the city.  Hmmm, another closet for me?   The building certainly is nice.

It is actually pretty, and larger than my other place.  It needs lights!

I can imagine it looking more like this.

Or My Dream Home from another loading screen.

Meanwhile,  I’m out adventuring when I log in each night.  I try to do one quest at least, and am trying to clear older ones first.   Way over to the east was this puzzle.

I have a pokey horse, but like the Siltstriders.  Seriously, the horse walks like a cow.

I dunno, this guy seems a bit like a vigilante.  But I said I’d help.

I can’t get my helmet off.  Driving me buggy.  I’ve always had it off before.  None of the tips work.

So I can wear this mohawk thing.

Or this new helmet with better stats, but yikes!  I feel like my character can’t breathe in there, eek.  Send heeelp.

Screenshot Saturday: This Week in Games

Everquest 2

This fight took place in The Caves.  I’m working the caves with my Fury.  I’m trying to find my way up one more level from where I am, and whammo!   Dead meat on a stick.  Where did he even come from?  Just pops up? Wanders the caves?  I was sooo paranoid when I went back in trying to complete the area.

I read that EQ2 was merging Antonia Bayle with the Stormhold progression server, and you should log in your characters to reserve their name.

While logging everyone in, I noticed I had enough points to create another character!  Yay!  Here’s my level 8 Ratonga Mystic.  So adorable.  She’s in the Frostfang Sea area near New Halas, an area I thought I didn’t like.  It seems better this time around.  I recall there was a nice fur rug to be gained here somewhere in this area.  I don’t have it yet, but did get a little table right off.  Maybe I can loot a bed.   All furnishings will end up in my Qeynos apartment.

World of Warcraft

Freehold, not such a bad hat.
Freehold, the odd Parrot droppings quest

Another reason to be glad the artifact weapons are gone!  The weapon is a coiled snake with a lantern hanging from it.  Nothing like that ever dropped in the Broken Isles.

Freehold: the Ring Of Booty  It’s great to be the one who catches the pig.

Screenshot Saturday What’s In Your Bag?

You can have a full inventory in a game you play all the time because you just don’t want to get rid of anything. 

On the other hand, even a little played character can get an inventory load of things they have no clue about because they haven’t played for awhile, or the because the game keeps filling their bag with “gifts”.

My Galaxies Ranger’s Bag

There are mostly Rangery things in her bag. Traps, materials to make traps, mind and harvesting enhancements.  Tents.   Loot wise, she has a few things she normally wouldn’t pick up from Creatures: Ithorian Pants and the odd pistol or low level rifle, looted from Imperial NPCs.  Galaxies has a generous basic bag that holds 80 items, with an equipped backpack giving another 50 spaces.

My LOTRO Hunter’s Bags

LOTRO may be the worst for giving out presents galore.  You hardly dare open them.  More than anything, they seem filled with Fireworks.  It would be ok if you could shoot a few off and say “that was nice”.   The don’t go away though.  They’re Forever Fireworks.   She keeps looting all these scrolls and recipes I think my other characters can use.   If I were playing this regularly I’d have my crafting up, and would have a better idea of what everyone needed.  As it is, I can’t let go of a thing.   Good thing I have that ginormous Bag 1 via the LOTRO store.

Wildstar Rogue Type Character

She’s my highest level before the boosted character, but it looks like she’s keeping a reasonable bag.  I noticed a bag sort feature, so I put these in alphabetical order.   Look at that adorable lamp I can put in my house if I find the dang house.

Secret World Legends Templar

A puny 35 item bag, filled currently with the little yellow thingies I can’t figure out how to use.  I was just getting comfortable with the old version of the game’s craft system, but the new one really needs to be worked on by me before this loads up the rest of the way.

Everquest 2 Fury

Once again foods and crafting items are overwhelming the bag.   I can’t let go of a single thing.

Guild Wars 2

Only 40 slots in her bag and you can’t see them all at once.   Lots of boosters and gifts hogging space.   I love that you can toss from afar crafting ingredients into a shared bank space.

Screenshot Saturday: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

All good MMO stories begin with Star Wars Galaxies.

When I made my first ever MMO character in Star Wars Galaxies (A Scout on Starsider) I had no idea if my character was still standing around in the world when I logged out.   I didn’t want her standing in the rain, so I found a public building I liked and parked my character there in a chair whenever I logged out.

I had no idea you could actually have and decorate your own house.  And you could snooze in a bed, though you could never lay down on it.

World of Warcraft has a million places you can snooze, but even in your garrison, they wouldn’t let you have your own bed.   I’ve always made my characters comfortable somehow.

I never managed to find an actual bed for my Everquest 2 characters, so they all went to sleep on the floor in a little spot of moonlight.

Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous, and if they had housing it would be stunning.  You just have to make yourself at home where you can.

In Elder Scrolls Online I finally got the little room at an inn.  It’s like the Closet Under The Stairs with no bed in it.  It could use a little something.   She’s all snuggly though. 

Before this, she was sleeping among the flowers.  She’d had a terrible day.  So, zzzzzzz.

Fallout 4 really made their homes attractive, then they nuked them.  Before the nukes….

So…Wildstar.  I pre-ordered specifically to get the Red Rocket House.  Right.  Then I got the level 50 boost.  Right.   For this post, I wanted to gloriously find my plot of land,  and finally place that house on it.   Not easily, I actually got to my very own plot.

Way cool, isn’t it?  All this, mine to build on.   But.  No Red Rocket.  Nowhere in any tab.   The account wide tab said it was only available with the pre-order achievement.  Ya, why don’t I have that?  Click click click.

Apparently I gave it to another character?  Agh.  I hope they can share a plot.  If I can find who I gave it to, and get them to the capital city, maybe finally finally I can have a home here.