Secret World Legends: Irresistible Zombies, Quaint Town

I spent a couple of hours playing Secret World Legends last night. It was frustrating at first because I kept getting booted from the game and had to log in again. Then it was all good.

It turns out my character is still in Kingsmouth. She was level 14, and was still back at the dread tunnels.

Not back in the tunnels! Worse yet, Frisky Cassandra lay in wait on the other side of the door.

I still had work to do in here.

The game has a great mix of combat and puzzles.

Fig A Smash the Hulk. It gets really dark at night.

Figure B Puzzles: One of the best quest ideas ever, the Captain’s Playlist.

There are so many side quests, and I can’t resist them. The atmosphere is spooky enough, but not scary for me as zombies and their ilk might normally be. Perhaps when I start dying, I’ll be fighting off the screams. I’m getting closer to creatures of my level, but combat isn’t challenging yet.

In the original game, I didn’t get far, just to Solomon Island. I’d love to get at least as far as my husband did (Egypt I think) before he stopped for some reason. The game is really enjoyable, maybe just what I need right now.

Updating Game Files…Secret World Legends

To make sure I have plenty to write about in Blaugust I’m updating my game files for most of what I have installed MMO wise.  Ah, there’s some good stuff out there I haven’t played in quite awhile.

One was Secret World Legends, and I noticed right up on the front page they let you know you can play “TSW Classic” anytime just by clicking on their handy link.

With all the endless drama game companies put into just letting you play the game as it was, this seems very generous.