The Secret World: Please Don’t Gas Me

I’ve been working to methodically do all of the quests in Kingsmouth.  I have gotten stuck on a couple of the Investigation quests, and I took on a new Main Mission one in those cases thinking to go back to them.

One was The Vision.  I swear I went over every inch of the Wisp Woods, particularly around the big gnarly tree and nada.

I take on ATC instead and have trouble with disabling the EMPs, mostly because I was unobservant of a message that flashed by letting me know I had a bad guy uniform I could wear. Doh on that one.

I complete that, but can’t figure out how to re-activate The Vision.  Finally I find that you have to go back to the original quest giver to reactivate the quest.  That is so awkward.  Why not let you switch easily between these in your quest journal?

I find the fake gypsy, head for the forest and as soon as I near the big tree bammo.  Onward to completing that series.

Digging Deeper was another I had to re-start.  I couldn’t get the doors in the tunnels to open, so I did something else for awhile then went back. 

Cheated like an alley cat on the floor puzzle.  Got gassed a few times for moving incorrectly space to space anyways.

All EZ from there, right?  Oh no.

While I found the composer and song for this quickly, making the notes fit the puzzle was beyond me.  Even after I dirty rotten cheated to see the order, I was gassed or had to run to avoid being gassed so many times.  I was tired and feeling a bit whiny after awhile and dubbed this the Please Don’t Gas Me Puzzle.   Before each try I sort of muttered that in the hopes it would help.

My problem was that I thought you should move the lever each time before you played a note. Gas Gas Gas.

Combat Skill Slots 

I rarely find combat annoying in a game because they’re just all different and it is what it is.  In the Secret World, you can have two combat skill sets and a boatload of skills to buy and own, but you can only use seven at a time.  I find this maddening.   I would like to be able to fully use both skillsets, so give me 14 slots.

Between trying to finish these two missions off, I got a phone call from some woman in London saying come here, right now.  Busy busy busy, lady, no can do.

Once I finished these off (but I’m not done with Kingsmouth) I thought I will go to London for a break, and because I’ve read that there are clothing shops in London.  My character has been wearing the exact same outfit since she began.  Any combat upgrade equipment she gets is not visible except for weaponry.

I never thought I’d appreciate the “clown suit” armor you always get in other games because unless you make something yourself, nothing matches in those games.  Here, I got nothing.  I’m seeing other people zip by in different clothing, not necessarily anything I’d wear.  Here’s the drawback of a modern setting with “real” looking clothes.  You can be pickier about what you look like because maybe you look a bit more like you, sort of.  You want to look good, but you’re stuck.  In a by now stinky black outfit  (in the real world, at this time of year, people seem to be wearing jackets, blazers, sweaters that they haven’t washed and which reek of that sweet scent of deodorant and sweat…you know the odor…).

Here is the shop in London.  Everything costs a bazillion (dollars) and you haven’t a clue what the item might actually look like.

Holster Pants with Buckle, Orange?????   Eeeewww?   You want all my money you really need to at least let me see what freakishly ugly thing I’m getting.

I guess I’ll just continue along in my boring outfit.