The Secret World Reboot

MassivelyOp has been running a few articles on the upcoming “relaunch” of The Secret World, and it’s all pretty exciting!   I’m not attached to the combat or my character, so even if those are hugely changed, it isn’t going to be a real problem.  I think it’s great Funcom is putting their backing into what is really a unique and compelling game.

I am definitely going to be playing.  I can’t decide if I should try another of the three “Societies” than my Templar, or, since I really don’t like what the other two stand for, maybe I’ll kill off my current Templar and start from scratch. 

I think I didn’t pay enough attention at the outset to builds and weaponry mixes.  I paid zero attention it seems to crafting, so I have an inventory full of (stuff) I don’t know how to use but think I shouldn’t just toss.

My character kind of bugs me, I just don’t like the way she looks, so a clean slate may be a good idea all around.

Having worked through quite a few storylines for a perennial Secret World noob, in theory I should be able to get back to my current spot relatively quickly.

I’m going to wait to kill my girl off, but she’s almost certainly doomed in favor of a fresh new Templar with better hair.  I wish I could get her to lose the wide legged “just got off a horse” stance too.