The Secret World: Entering Solomon Island

I am excited to be in a new area called Solomon Island.  I notice it has a park with rides I had seen on a Massively Stream one day.  They talked about the park with such pleasantly horror filled memory that I can’t wait to get over there.

First, I’m in the basement of a house looking at a coded door to another set of Illuminati Tunnels.  How those guys love to dig.

I hope there aren’t any musical puzzles and gas for poor guesses on the other side.

Note thanks to commenter Tex, I found the correct vendor in the Haitian Market for reasonable and more colorful clothing.  I found that the Preview All Screen was actually working. It turned out that the preview put the item on my character onscreen so I could see how it looked on her.  It was just hidden behind the vendor window.  Moving that to the side let me see what I was buying.

I was able to travel to stylin’ New York and head into the depths of a parking ramp in a nice pink shirt.  I think the helmet with a light that kept going out was a nice touch.

For Illuminati Tunnel Gas Expeditions, I like a nice sea green shirt with adorable matching sneakers.

More once I crack the door code.