Lord of the Rings Online Reveals World Transfers on August 3 2015

Thanks to MassivelyOP for the tip that Lord of the Rings Online will begin the process of Server Merges next week.

According to their page, they’ll go from 29 servers to 10.   It looks as if they plan to have the process complete by January of 2016.  See their page for the many details of what can transfer.

Interestingly to me, if you need to transfer to another server and your name has been used there, if the other party hasn’t logged in in a year, you get the name and they have a -1 next to theirs should they return.

I find this so exciting, and am hopeful for the game, since they’re willing to make such a big move.  It has been needed for a long time.

It seems to me I killed off characters except on my main server, (except a couple on Brandywine) so I should have an easy time transferring if need be.

Very exciting!