Sideways Cave

I made it out of the sewers!  My play session started out with the opening credits music playing for the first time since I’ve begun.  A good sign. Not a single freeze anywhere in the cave.

Sideways Cave isn’t one I’ve gone in before and it was sprawling.  No treasure chests, just imps.  On the way out I found a “dead treasure hunter” who had lots of fun stuff on him.  Other than that, Imp Gall and lots of practice using magic. 

I got to really appreciate my Summon Skeleton.  I hit that then Protect then Shocking Touch.  A whack of my sword if needed.  Very cool.  I relied at first on the Flare which shoots a pretty weak flame and seems to miss as often as not.  Better to let skellie go running up like a Hunter Pet while I get in range.

I also learned to appreciate the Starlight Spell since it sure is dark in the cave, as you can see.  As you may know the game does a fantastic job with ambient sounds.  My footsteps through the watery underground lake or on a metal grate, the screech of an imp, music changing in tone to make it seem like something bad is going to happen around the next corner.  It doesn’t get better than this.

I usually go straight to Chorral to begin the main quest but I decided to walk and explore this time instead.  I was standing outside looking at the Imperial City and thinking this should be a safe spot when the music rose and voila a wolf came out of nowhere.  Good thing skellie was ready.