Eurogamer: Let’s Play Underworld Ascendant

Via Eurogamer on Twitter, a gameplay video trying out Underworld Ascendant by Otherside Entertainment.

Spoken of here as a “spiritual successor” to the Ultima series–one I’ve heard of but have never played– it explores the apparently familiar environment of the Stygian Abyss

I’m no fan of first person play, with creepy hands sticking out of your screen that you’re supposed to imagine are yours.   Still, the game environment, a rather large dungeon, looks fun to explore.

It looks like you have lots of options for choosing skills as you wish for your character.  You can have any combination of Fighter, Mage or Stealth skills.

It appears there are plenty of treasures to be found as you explore, so suit, up, eh?

There’s more information at Eurogamer
including a November 2018 release date for PC.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced on iPad

I’ve been playing a little Baldur’s Gate in the evenings on my iPad .  Thinking recently of the allure of single player RPGs, this seems like the perfect place to start.

Many games don’t translate well to the touchscreen, but older RPGs are generally a good fit with their point and click interface.  
So far combat is the only thing that doesn’t always respond to “clicks” in a timely way, which can mean death.  
I was lost on the road to the Friendly Arm Inn in an earlier play through and didn’t like my character build so I started over from scratch with an eleven Ranger.
She got stuck in a doorway last night and no online tip helped get her loose, so backing up to a previous save.
There are many adventures to be had by those who proceed slowly and save often.