Fallout 3: Home Sweet Megaton

I easily disarmed the bomb this evening, and now have my own swank Post Apocalyptic Shack.

Just as in Oblivion, I can buy upgrades to make it look “really nice”.  For now, I’m happy to have a place to drop off junk when the local store isn’t open, and to just have a place to call my own.

I leveled up as well, and went ahead and put points into melee so I can whack all the more effectively.  I took the Black Widow Perk to more effectively bop the bad guys since I’m running into few women.

What does someone so newly powerful do?  They go back to the school and they look for the guys who were hiding out back.

I snuck around the building like a weasel, then I got here and just ran in, found em and whap whap!
With this new found bravery and Bat Power oozing out of every jet-packed pore (my husband will recognize that) I went in the lower doors in search of The Tunnels.

So It wasn’t Rad Roaches in the tunnels.

Freaking Ants.

Luckily they weren’t so big.

Let us descend.

You can kind of see one peeking in the first picture.  It turns out your intrepid explorer was too busy mindlessly whacking the ants, even after they were goners, to get good pics.  I did pick up some yummy Ant Meat which grants like five health. 

I’m ok now.  Next up, Super Duper Mart (I saw an announcement today Fallout 4 will have Super Duper Mart in it. Agh.) 

Fallout 3: Self Education in The Wasteland

Rather than head off to find my in game dad or visit the Dread Super Duper Mart, I did a few side quests, then decided to just explore to get some loot and xp.

Dressed in Wasteland chic, I decided to make sure I had fully explored the nearby town of Springvale, and perhaps the entire surrounding area.  Don’t diss the hat, it adds Perception and lets me know when hostiles are nearby.

It looked like I’d been all through town, except, I hadn’t visited the Springvale Elementary School. 

Gack!  I don’t recall it from before so how bad could it be?  As it turns out, if you’re a Raider in the Wasteland, you love love LOVE being back in school.  The place seems to be crawling with them. Thank heavens my Hat of Perception lets me see they’re coming so I can run up to them and use my trusty bat on their spiky selves.  They got guns, I laugh at guns! Hahahaha!  My bat always wins.

Well, I’m not dead yet.  Somehow when I thought I was going up, I ended up in the basement with a tunnel, which I’m not going in.  There are all of these skittering sounds, and I’ve had quite enough Rad Roach attacks from Fallout Shelter this week.  I hate bugs so much.

Good thing I save like a maniac.  I found a way outside but there were several guys right outside the door shooting at me and I couldn’t even see where they all were.  Reload and God help me try to retrace my steps and go back out the front door.  I’m a weenie from Weeniesville, you called it!