Starlight Industries Open for Business

In Emuland, I’ve graduated from bazaar sales (I hope) to my own shop.  I talked with Ysharros and she has this fancy set of shops and I felt like a piker. 

Though I don’t really have anything good to sell yet or any quantity of resources, I set up a vendor for my crafted goods, and one for resource sales.

I put all of the furnishings I can make up for sale (not much) and in the house so you can see what things look like.

My husband has looted various things including a Palm Frond–not an easy item to find.   I veer between wanting to check his inventory for goodies as I always did in World of Warcraft and letting him live the ez life selling to the Junk Dealer but oh, it’s best not to think of what treasures he may be slipping the junkie, right?

Put out all the survey devices. Will have my tailor put backpacks and crates of fiberplast panels and other components as I can make them.  Clothes as soon as I can make something decent.  Repair kits and powerups. Foods as I can make them.  Stop by for a snack.