Dear Corpse, Thanks!

I finally got two mounts from my datapad generously given to me by The Corpse while she was in game.  It was night time so the pictures aren’t so glorious, but creature pets and mounts in Galaxies are all part of the happy life you can lead in the Galaxy.

Elsinor Dustbunnie on her Cupa at last.  A merchant who sells Swoops and Speeder bikes doesn’t want to be seen about town on a flaming swoop.  Instead she can trot in on her sweet mount named after herself.  It occurs to me Elsinor does not have an equivalent character in the live game.  Noone had her particular skill set.

My Architect on her Dewback named CookieeMonster.  My live game Architect meant to be a chef, so she had her Dewback named CookieeMonster to sort of RP the profession.   While leveling up the Artisan tree, she made a few pieces of furniture and put them in her house.  That was it, no more chef, Architect forever.  She loved her CookieeMonster, and she cried when she was taken away in the NGE. 

Dewbacks are a royal pain to fight in the wild because they group up on you and just pound on you.  As a mount, look at that SMILE!  They are the happiest creatures, and they bound merrily rather than running or walking.

Better pictures as we go along, and in daylight so you can see these sweeties.  I’m so happy to get them out of my datapad.