GameNotes August 13, 2019

Wow Classic Character Name Reservation

There I am, the realms lists come up 20 minutes early.  Watching the clock, fingers poised. 5:00. nothing.  Then servers Locked! Then realms are up, mine shows “low”.  Logging into realm…bammo! You’ve been disconnected.  It now wants my email and password.  Brain has left the building.  Type it in, get in a long queue, wait it out, name taken!  I had a list of three second choices.  Babbling all the while, I create my character with a secondary choice.  I get my other two character names.  Then I notice they’re all warriors!  Noooo!!!!  Delete, create, three times each during the process.

Later, reading the forums I see people got bounced to servers they hadn’t checked.  Nah. But I looked and they were all on Mankrik!   More bad words.  delete, delete.   Two of the names available on the server I actually wanted.   I honestly thought none of these things would happen, and it would be all smooth.

Ever hopeful, maybe the characters we already created today can just zoom into the world and get started without horrible things happening.  A few dozen kobolds to kill, sure, but doable.  Running up to the beasties jamming your auto attack is the way.


System Shock 2

System Shock 2 is being remastered by Nightdive, who are also working on bringing System Shock 1into the modern era.   Rock Paper Shotgun has a fascinating article called  “No one Knows Who is Patching System Shock 2”

It goes into the history of Nightdive getting the rights for System Shock 2 from an insurance company (?) and mysterious patches that were made available from some unknown party that made the job of remastering much easier.   It fits the game, this shadowy backstory.