Galaxies (Tuesday) : In Which I Honor Turkey Day and Find 5 Things that Made Galaxies a Turkey

I read all the time things that made people say the original Galaxies was flawed, and after the NGE shook out and was honed, it was the game it should have been.  You. Are. Wrong.   Even so, I am digging deep in my Galaxies soul to find the ever popular FIVE THINGS Pre-CU, Pre-NGE.

1. The Secret Way to Become a Jedi!   This feature which let you unlock the ability to become a Jedi by working your way through the 32 Professions really trashed the deep crafting system as hosemonsters just ground their way through everything without caring anything about their craft. 

2.  Being a Jedi!   Once unlocked, becoming a Jedi forced you to drop some of the skills you worked so hard to learn so you could be an uber Jedi.  And stand around Coronet endlessly dueling with your lightsaber.  At the beginning when you could lose your Jedi to death, it was much better. You had to HIDE as a Jedi would during this time in history.  They missed such an opportunity to keep Jedi in hiding, and create secret bases where they could train and spar with each other and perhaps go out together to fight the opposition.  It would have fit the world so much better.

3.  No World Chat   They really needed to add a general chat system so you could get to know others on your server and trade and be a wider community.  I never was able to figure out the channels, so don’t ask.

4.  Wherein Did the Tale Lie?  They did not take advantage of the rich world of Star Wars to tell stories and involve you in them.  They had the ability to tell mini-stories, if you actually read the text of Mission Terminal assignments, somebody had lots of ideas and imagined a far deeper world than was presented.  Luckily the players were by and large able to fill in the story blanks on their own, but what a missed opportunity.

5.  Two Characters Per Server   Any game should allow a character slot for each class in the game.  If not, give me at least five slots so I can do all the best of the classes that interest me and the crafts that are most appealing.