Thought I Was So Close….

I am a little obsessed for some reason getting Pathfinder for Legion.   I know it’s doable, though a royal pain.   Still, every time I think I’m closing in on Good Suramaritan, I’m apparently nowhere near getting it.  It’s a mirage!

Yesterday in sequence I did:

Court of Stars Dungeon     Not so bad as I feared, because the group knew where to go and what to do.  My job was not to get lost (which I did twice!!! agh, briefly, but I was all panicked), and to fight whatever the tank was fighting.

The Arcway Dungeon      Again a good group, no huge pull-the-rooms, the tank knew where to go, it seemed like a long slog of a dungeon but it went off without a hitch.   For me, it is much easier to do a dungeon for the first time if everyone else knows what to do and where to go, and that the tank doesn’t pull the room, than what anyone’s gear level is. You can work your way through anything with knowledge and skill, power alone will more likely result in everyone dying, and fast.

The Emerald Nightmare Raid    Xavius

My first raid experience ever.   I read about it and as usual there are all these unhelpful sorts saying it’s EZ.   Implying you’re a low life useless scum who should just do it, and if you can’t, you reek.   Thanks, forum trollz.

It actually was simple.  You queue as you do for a dungeon, and then you’re in a big room with a bunch of other people clustered in the dead center.

It looked from the raid list like there were two tanks and a billion DPS.   Around the outside are a bunch of imps. They attack, you fight them.

Then there are two more waves of larger demons which appear from the misty edges of the room.   Fight them.

Then Xavius pops out (didn’t take a screenshot for some reason) and you fight him.  He seemed awfully easy.   Any mechanics were unnoticeable.

Once he’s dead, you’re popped out of the raid area and you turn in the quest and get the rewards.   

I thought it was interesting you could choose the particular section of the raid you needed so you didn’t have to slog through the whole thing to get your quest completion.

I return to the Nightfallen base in  Meredil, thinking maybe this will be the end of these quests and I’ll have good Suramaritan grr but no, I have a bunch of portals to open, then worse upon worse, I’m supposed to do some leisurely surveying in Suramar City.   Kill me now.

I had to step away and work on some World Quests, and look for some of the other Pathfinder objectives before I go back and work on those.

I’m working on the Broken Shore as well.  I thought it would be more like Tanaan or Timeless Isle but it doesn’t feel like those at all, just kind of open and empty and boring. 

I did peek into Argus as well one day, and I liked it much more than Broken Shore, but I need to make more progress on the Isles first.