All The Posts I Wrote In My Head You May Have Missed

Transmog Tank 

I’ve three characters on BWR below 100 and I’ve been questing and running dungeons with them to try to get them to 100 before BFA.  Unlikely I’ll make it but, it’s a good distraction, and gotta have goals.

The lowest level of these is my Elemental Shaman, who was at 63 when I started these runs and is now a powerful 66.

In the Mana Tombs last night, we had one of those runs.  The tank pulled pulled pulled.  Everyone died died died.   In the first hallway.   Poof, he was gone.  One of the group said not only was he terrible, all his gear was Transmog.  Transmog Tank!  It was a rough dungeon, with only a DK and I making it all the way through, lots of personnel changes besides the tank.

The Other Terrible Two

My other non-100s are a Warrior (in Draenor) and surprise! a Hunter.  The Warrior is undergeared and can’t fight a noodle.  The Hunter feels like she’s shooting cotton balls.   They do ok in dungeons, but solo, yech.

LFR Raids

I’ve been trying to slog through the endless Broken Shore Questline with my Druid, which includes some required Raids.   I carefully watch the videos then queue up, and they are not so bad as I feared.

They’re PUG-A-Licious, as it turns out.   They feel like dungeon groups with more people in them.

All except Kil’jaeden.   What a royal, nasty sob.  I will never do that one again.  So I say now.


A slow slog.   Trying to get to 115 to try the Island Adventures again (just did once, was meh).   Lots of problems with quests and disconnects this week.

Kind of hate my new armor, though I guess Ath looks like a sort of Ghost Pirate which does fit in with the world.

Worth the price of admission is, as soon as I got a new weapon the godawful Lion King/Scar cat form went away and there is my beloved cat form back.   I didn’t even want to play the character for a long time in Legion because I hated the ScarCat.   Die, ScarCat die.   Hello my Kitty!


Sufficiently twitchy for Battle For Azeroth and leaving the Broken Isles that I updated my LOTRO client.   Didn’t play, but my Rogue character is calling me.


Bought Summerset Isles, and haven’t stepped in, but any day now.

Classic Wow Dev Water Cooler

I thought the water cooler was great.  I’m not familiar with the chosen patch, but found the explanation of how they chose it and the issues they’re facing updating it to work with current day systems fascinating.    Nothing I’ve read makes it seem any less appealing. 

Fallout 76

My first thought was disappointment and the thought “It just looks like a shooter”. 

I spent some years in West Virginia, and that’s a beautiful place.  I can’t picture a huge environment with “dozens” of players being anything you can ever just play through solo.   I wouldn’t mind at all cooperating building a community or venturing out in groups, but with no npcs, just other players, you know the antagonist of the game is those other players in some big shooter-y pvp fest that has zero appeal to me.

I’ll wait for the full fledged MMO.

The Sinking City

The trailer for this upcoming game kept popping up on my Facebook timeline and it looks really intriguing.   It is supposed to be Lovecraftian exploration and investigation.   They have the creepiness factor right on.   I liked the making of video where they show how they’re crafting the city.