Monthly Wrapup

It was a good month for games.  I played Battle for Azeroth, and really love this expansion.   It may be the best yet.   All my higher level characters are playing really well.   It’s taking each one long enough to work their way through Freehold in Tiragarde so that I can queue for dungeons.

 I’ve gotten Freehold, Waycrest Manor and Shrine of the Storm with various characters.  Freehold is smoothest, with everyone getting lost in Waycrest Manor, and dying at the Ritualists and  Lord Stormsong in Shrine of the Storm.   Tanks and Healers are a bit cranky.

Everquest 2 was played a bit almost everyday.  In a stressful month, I was thinking of it as “my happy place”.  Now that’s a good thing for a game to be.

I’ve played my newly minted Mystic the most, and she’s at level 17.  She also has 7 gold, which is way more than my level 17 Fury has.   I’m almost thinking you get more looted money and things to sell in the Frostfang Sea area.

My Fury is not getting any money as loot, it’s gross stuff like Canine Saliva.  She’s in the Qeynos/Antonica area.  I just like the little ching ching sound of gold.   Also, it feels as if there is better bank and vendor access in the Frostfang area.  For sure, there are more rugs to be had in Frostfang.   I wonder if they kind of loaded it up when they went Free To Play.

There’s still a little Bruiser Froglock on the Isle of Refuge.  I wonder if I send her to Kelethin if she’s likely to get some new and unusual furniture 🙂

I enjoyed my Steam games and plan to go back in and work on those.  My son recommended the Witcher to me and I have all three of the games.  He’s generally right about what games and classes I’d enjoy playing.

Loved Broken Age.

Curious to see the plot play out in Dear Esther.  

The Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is pretty funny, in I’m sure an unintended way, as it is so serious in tone.

I logged in to Rift a couple of times, and am set to send my Cleric out adventuring.

It took forever to get ESO to update, but I’m now able to log in and see which character I want to play.

Looking at my GW2 Hunter for a post or two, I think I may back up and try her Personal Story.


Try It Tuesday An Unknown Tale From My Steam Library: The Witcher Enhanced Edition

I haven’t played a game in ages with such a long set of cut scene intros to the story.   It was interesting, but unexpected.

I’m still in the introductory area that shows here’s how you move, here’s how you fight.   The battles take place in what looks like an impenetrable castle.

Soon enough, bandits over run the gate and are somehow in the upper reaches of the castle as well.   My character, Geralt, seems to have (oh noooes) lost his memory of who he is, and how to fight.  The poor man had a devil of a time picking up a rusty sword right off the bat. 

I chose Keyboard and Mouse because it’s what I’m used to.   Combat is pretty annoying.  It seems as if you’re mostly supposed to wait for the sword icon that indicates you’re fighting a person to turn into a flaming sword.   It does so at intervals.  Then you click.  I’m used to jamming on my keys, though so the message “too fast” was pretty constant.

As part of your combat, you chose to fight a certain way with agile or heavy hitting combatants.  It doesn’t seem to me they’re waiting for any flaming sword thing, they just whack whack.

I could not see their health bars, or if they’re there, didn’t recognize them, so had no idea if they were going to go down any time soon or not.

Which led me to the longest fight in video game history.  (Mine, anyway).

This wizard guy starts out in his bubble.

You can’t touch him with your flaming sword, but you can push him over and stun him briefly with a magic ability called Aard.    After getting nowhere, I kill off his dozey henchmen, who aren’t fighting, they’re kind of dangling in air.

Poof, down with the bubble.   I think he’s a dead man now.  Pffft.

So, forever and ever I whack at him, and push him down, and he just pops up and teleports to another spot in the circle. 

I looked up the fight and lo, I’m supposed to use the Heavy Hitter technique on him.  I was thinking he was agile because he was all over the place. Down, at last.

The bad guys get what they came for and teleport handily away.

I level up, though, and can pick a tiny bit of talents.

I like the Witcher crew, and I’m sure we’ll be going after the bad guys.   I really need to work on having patience with the combat though.