World Of Altcraft

Ah, World of Warcraft with your twelve characters per server, how do I love thee?  Enough so that  I decided to rotate all my characters on both my main servers.  Those little characters waiting in the wings now only have to wait a week or so between adventures.

I have characters spread from the Broken Isles to Northrend to one lowbie at Chillwind camp.  This has made the game so much more fun than I can say.  There’s no repetitive grinding character after character through the same zones and quests.  No two characters following each other on the list are in the same place.  The two servers have a different flavor, so that makes things interesting too.

During a level, everyone works on quests, exploration, resource gathering, fishing ,cooking, first aid, archaeology, plus Class Quests for the 100+ characters.  Each character’s turn goes so fast.

I find that normally I forget quite how to play classes that haven’t been played in awhile, but now, they come fairly quickly and I’m right back in there.

I spent some time with Timewalking Dungeons last week.  I must whine that I kept getting the Arcatraz over and over with different characters, and every group had trouble with the dungeon.  So painful.  I finally just stopped queuing for the Timewalks partially because I couldn’t stand one more run through that annoying place.    Most groups also had trouble in The Slave Pens right at the entrance to the last ramp to the last boss.  Argh people, quit pulling the whole room.

I haven’t been running dungeons for quite awhile, and I could not tell if some of my own problems were because of Class changes or perhaps I’ve lost my Dungeon-y Edge.  I’m getting back in there.  No more Weenie Woman.

That said, I do see dungeons as a measure of how well I’m playing my characters.  Though I normally just ignore class changes and adapt to whatever the new style of play is, I think Legion has brought the most severe changes I can recall.  Some classes are so easy now, and others are a real struggle.

Stand Outs for Awesome Class Play

Feral Cat
Arms Warrior
Assassination Rogue
Destruction Warlock
Demon Hunter

Please Pick My Dead Body Off the Floor Classes

Frost Death Knight
Discipline Priest
Elemental Shaman


Beast Master Hunter
Frost Mage
Retribution Paladin
Shadow Priest

Timewalking the Cataclysm

I generally like the Cataclysm dungeons.  Like any good dungeon, they can go smoothly or horribly wrong.

Throne of Tides

Not a favorite.  Still, most days an easy run.  So easy that the group discussed the glory of junk/flames/water/ooze/ s*$t that you now have to stand in/run from/avoid every two seconds as a fine game mechanic that helps separate the good players from the bad, who might be sitting at home just mashin’ those buttons and eatin’ pork rinds.

Somehow things went south and everyone died, and not from junk.

Then things went horribly wrong as our dogs got into a terrible fight and I had to bow out.  Nobody was hurt, thanks.  Someone is in the dog house though.

Vortex Pinnacle

I used to think you were supposed to jump from cloud to cloud in this one yourself, not realizing youre just launched along.  Tsk.

Now its all good.  Except Assad killed me three times.  Zigged when I should have zagged.

Grim Batol

It seems like this one is generally pretty simple, but the last boss can drive people out.  With several group changes, this guy wiped the dungeon floor with us till we had to call it quits.  A zillionth of a box from level 99. Must heal up and get more potions.

World of Warcraft: A Rogue Sneaks to Fortune and Glory

Ta Da!  Level 90 Rogue!!!

My Combat Rogue made level 90 this week.  I  never thought I’d be able to get a Rogue leveled to 90+ without a boost because, she has always seemed so hard to play.

Not anymore.  She’s working for the Klaxxi and seems almost untouchable.  Unreal. (Sniff) I’m so proud of her.

I’ve been trying to get her to Draenor because I can really use her leatherworking skills.  But, no way I’m sending her till she’s as close to 500 Ilvl as I can get her.

I also haven’t taken time to get the scorpion mount from the Klaxxi with past characters, and I really really want it.  My underdog Rogue is going to be my Heroine Rogue after all. Who would ever guess!

Perhaps someday I’ll get a Shaman and Monk this far.  Boggling…

Timewalking Dungeons

I’ve been doing the Timewalking Dungeons this week because they are helping me bring up my item levels, and they are Burning Crusade Dungeons…my favorites of all time.

Sending in a Hunter, Druid and Rogue, and really love the experience and items gained.  So far I’ve gotten Heroic Versions of The Black Morass, Mana Tombs, Shattered Halls, and the Arcatraz.

The next set of Timewalking Dungeons will be Wrath of the Lich King, not my favorites.  Still these turn out to be a big help Item Level wise.