Battle For Azeroth

Launch night was pretty smooth.  I had to wait for my character screen to populate for a few minutes.

The Heart of Azeroth segment in Silithus was not too bad.  They’ve done a lot with cinematics in this expansion to enhance story.

Love Boralus, still.

The ferries don’t get old.

I ran all seven 110s through all the quests available to get to Kul Tiras.  Once there, I picked up their Kul Tiran Trade Skills  and a stack of 100 of whatever their main purchasable crafting ingredients were so as they gather they can craft.

Then I sent them by ferry to Eastpoint Station,  and picked up the quests there.

Tonight it was Ashmane Foundry, with it’s perky orphans and Ursula-like Lady Ashvane.  I’m not the only one who’s noticed Priscilla looks and sounds like Ursula.  I don’t think Jaina looks like Elsa from Frozen though.

In any case, I think it helps the story to have her telling her employees to refine that azerite faster and faster.  When I originally went through this area in beta, no such connection was made.  It’s interesting how they’re weaving pre-BFA storylines into this world.

My order for sending each character through an area is:

Demon Hunter

Each did the Foundry, then, when all were through, they headed into Eastpoint Station, and picked up the available quests there.  There were several choices of places to go and I decided to head to wherever the winds blew with Flynn, that charmer.

Next stop, Castaway Point.

There are castaways from all over Azeroth here, even members of the Horde, sitting around wishing their ships hadn’t been wrecked.

On a character’s turn, they gather any nodes they see anywhere nearby.  Grab any Treasure Chest.
Stop and fish in any pool that appears.

I’ve never done this method of sort of simultaneous leveling before.  So far I like seeing how each class handles the same content.

They’re all now just short of halfway to level 111.   They all have Reputation with Proudmoore about three fourths of the way towards Friendly.

The real beauty of my plan is, when they are at Friendly with Proudmoore, I’ll move them to Drustvar, get Friendly, move to Stormsong.  Once they’re Friendly everywhere, I’ll send them back to Tirasgarde to complete that, then Drustvar, then Stormsong.   They’ll be ready for World Questing at 120 and not have to wait to finish one more rep grind.  Could work!