Uncharted The Movie

Uncharted is a fast paced adventure film based on the Playstation games developed by Naughty Dog. I’ve not played the game, but have watched it being played.

The game seemed to me to be a Tomb Raider-esque game of exploration and platform puzzles, punctuated by an uncommon number of breaks in the story and action where there are suddenly waves of bad guys to fight.

Luckily the film didn’t follow that format though there were plenty of fight scenes. My favorite involved helicopters and ancient sailing ships.

I like the character of Nate, who isn’t quite an innocent, but he seems so compared to everyone else. His untrustworthy but somehow likeable sidekick Sully really needed redemption.

I liked Chloe and hope she shows up again.

Jo was so awesome looking, I loved her voice. She was badass and evil, but somehow I really liked her. Even so, I hope she wasn’t able to survive. A little too badass, perhaps.

The movie had puzzles and remarkable keys to be used in places both hidden and in plain sight.

According to what I’ve read, this is the first in a series of films set in this franchise. I hope Nate finds his brother.