Gamespot’s 20 Biggest Games To Play In 2018

In keeping with my resolution to look at the wider gaming world, I’m looking at some of the games coming out in 2018.   There are many lists, and maybe not so many I’d like to try, but it’s a start.

From the list, I am interested in three:

Sea Of Thieves   Pirates, Yo Ho!

Detroit: Become Human    Androids seek human status.   Hmmm?   Blade Runner-ish?

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire    Did not finish the first game, but here’s motivation to go back in.

Interested, but…

A Way Out   from the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.  Again you have to control two characters at once.  That did not go well for me on the iPad, though the game and story itself was cool.

Anthem      From Bioware, which can mean good things.  I like the explore planets part.  Maybe not so much the multi-player part, which inevitably means some headcase will be trying to kill you or steal from you.  Not the adventure I’m looking for.

The Inpatient    Looks pleasantly scary, but it’s VR.   Nah.

Kingdom Hearts 3   This franchise always sounds good, but maybe I wouldn’t like it at all.  Bring it to PC and I’ll give it a try.

Red Dead Redemption 2    When the original came out, it looked sort of interesting, but maybe grizzly for my tastes.  I’ve seen so many bloggers who like the same games I do sings its praises though.   Maybe the original is worth a look.