Upcoming Games

Reminder to self:  Some upcoming games that sound most interesting.

The Outer Worlds   October 25, 2019    https://outerworlds.obsidian.net/

System Shock 3    https://otherside-e.com/wp/games/system-shock-3/

System Shock Remastered    http://systemshock.com/

Brassheart  2020     https://hexy.studio/brassheart/

Syberia the World Before      https://www.microids.com/us/syberia-the-world-before-kate-walker-returns-for-a-new-adventure-2/

Blacksad Under The Skin   November 5 2019     https://www.microids.com/us/game-blacksad-under-the-skin-us/

3 Minutes To Midnight

Via Adventure Gamers   https://adventuregamers.com/videos/view/35910   a trailer for a 2019 point and click Adventure Game called 3 Minutes To Midnight.

It has a forties cartoony style that reminds me somewhat of the recent game Cuphead. 

“A comedy adventure with a sprawling story and colorful cast. Betty Anderson can’t remember who she is, but she has bigger worries – like a doomsday plot threatening to wipe out the human race. Join Betty to crack the conspiracy that starts with a bang and ends at 3 Minutes to Midnight.”

Here’s an article and video with more information  https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/35514

Here’s the Scarecrow Studios site with a ton more information and cool screenshots.