Rejuvenation Potion…Rejuvenated

Ok the Rejuvenation Potion (That requires 500 Alchemy) I can make now no longer takes Crescent Oil and Crescent Fish Flesh, noooo it takes One Healing Tonic (a FIRST AID RECIPE) and One Draenic Mana Potion (Alchemy Recipe).

I currently have the skill and materials to make 2 Healing Tonics (10 Sea Scorpion Segments each).  I haven’t done much with my first aid skills as you can see.


I have the recipe for the Draenic Mana Potion, at least.

I’d best step up my Sea Scorpion Fishing.  At least I can let everyone know they can make some potions if they have first aid skills.

Heading in the right direction, perhaps.

Draenor Diaries Sunday August 17 2014

I ran all three of my characters to some extent. My Cat was  once again stuck in Lag Heck for quite awhile so I sent my Warlock out for a bit then ran my Death Knight through the Golgrond quests I had just done with the Cat.

I sent her into Bloodmaul Slagmines, this time from the beginning of the dungeon.  I think this dungeon will feel familiar to players who have done the various Blackrock Dungeons.

My gnome Death Knight has a different point of view, everything looked so incredibly LARGE.

The feel of the place is very fiery, as if you’re in some monstrous furnace.

The group I was in seemed to know the dungeon and the fights well.

Crescent Oil

I noted a couple of threads on Crescent Oil, a reagent Alchemists need but something they have no recipe for.

Someone said non-alchemists could make it via an alchemy building in their Garrisons, though an Alchemist couldn’t. 

Since I had that small open building slot I put in an Alchemy building and sure enough, the Vendor opens and the recipe for Crescent Oil is right there, as if you were looking at a recipe list you know, only you can only see it via the vendor.

So, everyone is now stopping to fish hoping to send her the fish to change to Oil.

Frostfire Ridge

After a few sessions of slogging along, I found the passageway to Frostfire Ridge.  The Pass is jammed with bad guys. 

If you get through You’re at the Iron Siege Works, with level 100 NPCs and tank like things waiting for you to give them a try.

My Cat is only level 93 since this time around I’ve spread time between three characters. 

She slid on by those guys and comes to Thunder Pass (I think that’s what it was. The pass appears closed with a big tank in front of it but you can just tuck behind it and the path wends it way to the others side. Very narrow passage.

To my relief the mobs and npcs on the far side of this pass were level 90-93 so no problem.

I stopped at the Pit of The Devourer. Tempting for another time.

I was trying to make my way to the closest of two ! points denoting a quest that you can see on the map of Frostfire even from Golgrond.  

I didn’t get that far because I found a nice lava pool which is supposed to be a source for Fire Ammonite (used for the Fisherman’s Quest at your Garrison).

Sure enough, I caught Fire Ammonite large and small, and some Fire Ammonite Bait.

Well worth the trip. I still need to reach those quests.