Your Draenor Dungeon Report

Now that one character is nearing the top, I’m sending in others.  I needed someone who could gather ore so I have that person.

I wanted my Inscriptionist but actually haven’t been using her much yet, but now she is in motion.

I created a “Pre-made” character as they’re called to test dungeons and I might as well have her do the PVP routes as long as she is just a stuffed bunny anywho.

I heard someone asking about having problems queueing for a dungeon the other day, but I used the Dungeon Finder as I normally would and got an 8 minute wait estimate which I thought was pretty reasonable.

In moments I was transported in to a group in progress.  Unlike in many PUG groups, people were sharing what they knew about how to approach the current boss at hand.

There were two quick wipes and everyone left, so the strategy wasn’t all that sound.  In fact, I wanted to ask about it before everyone went poof.

I do love a good dungeon so I’ll keep throwing this Pre-made on in there.  

I checked off all of the dungeons I was eligible for this first go around but I think I will go methodically through them if that is possible and see how they function. 

I wish they had not taken Evocation away because this Mage is pretty weak sauce so far and she could use healz.

Auchindoun will be the first I go back in and try to complete.